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10 Reasons Why a Career in Merchant Navy Is Unlike Any Other

10 Reasons Why a Career in Merchant Navy Is Unlike Any Other

Merchant Navy is a term that is used to describe commercial shipping such as cargo ships, cruise ships, tankers, ferries, bulk carriers and many more. It includes all other non-military ships, which are made for commercial purposes such as transport of goods, passengers travel and research purposes.

Career in Merchant Navy

There are lots of exciting opportunities for a person who wishes to build a career in an adventurous field that does not involve a normal day job. High risk merchant account providers in USA is a part of the broad Maritime industry, which includes jobs at shore and sea.

This industry is technologically advanced and fast-moving, so it needs highly experienced sea workers to help in electro-technical, engineering, navigation and administrative services. One can thrive in this competitive field by learning the most sought-after skills and gaining great experience. This article lists out a few rewarding reasons to build a career in merchant navy.

  1. Entry with Basic Education

You can join the merchant navy courses after completing 10+2 with Maths and Physics. You can join for entry-level jobs and gradually get to higher positions with experience and training. This can help you make a good career with a decent package. If you want to get into higher positions right at the beginning, you can complete appropriate merchant navy courses.

  1. Adventurous Career

It feels like every day is an adventure in merchant navy. In a normal day job, people sit in their cubical office cabin for 9-10 hours a day without getting anything to explore. In a merchant navy career, you can explore amazing ocean experiences while working.

  1. Broad Exposure

You can get lots of exposure and learn how to handle various unexpected situations. When you face such unexpected and unprepared circumstances regularly, you become capable of handling and dealing with any such problem that can arise again in future. This helps them grow not only professionally but also personally.

  1. Exposure to Different Tradition, Cultures, & People across the World

People from different countries and cultures come to work in the merchant navy. So, you can meet and spend time with people from various backgrounds and know about them. It helps in improving the understanding of a person about different kinds of people, their traditions, and their culture in the world. They can function better as a team when they have good understanding among themselves.

  1. High Salary Package

This is the best part of a job in the merchant navy is that the salary package is very high. Even an entry-level job can fetch you a salary in the range of INR 50000 – INR 1 lakh. The more trained, experienced, and knowledgeable you are, the more you can earn. The salary of a person in the merchant navy is dependent on the type of ship, their qualification, seniority, demand-supply, city, country and company he or she is working in.

  1. Explore Exotic Destinations

There are many types of commercial ships in the merchant navy such as cargo ships, cruisers, tankers, and more. These vessels travel all around the world for different purposes such as transportation of goods or people. A person working on a ship gets to witness and explore the amazing destinations on sea and land around the world.

  1. Non-Taxable Income

Many people might not know this fact, but the income or salary received by a merchant navy professional is not taxable. This means they do not need to pay any tax on their income to the government. However, this is applicable only if the merchant navy professional has stayed for more than 6 months on the ship. People working on land will need to pay income tax every year according to the government rule of their country.

  1. Long Leave

Merchant navy professionals are required to work for a long period of time (say around six months) on a ship without being able to go back to their homes. To compensate for this, they are given equal days of vacation to spend time with their family in their home town. This allows them to get the best of both worlds. The vacation period can range from 2 months to 6 months, which is sufficient for anyone to follow their interest.

  1. Disciplined Lifestyle

A person working in the merchant navy gains two important qualities in life – punctuality and discipline. The job of a seaman is on an unpredictable ocean that does not allow anyone to become careless. They need to be extremely alert, focused and cautious in their job.

  1. Team Work

A ship is a big and complicated machine that has several aspects to it. All these tasks cannot be handled by a single person alone. It requires the teamwork of people with various skills, training, expertise and experience. So, a merchant navy professional learns how to function as an individual as well as within a team as one unit.

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These reasons are more than compelling for any individual to crave for a job in the highly lucrative merchant navy.

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