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7 Best Adventure Camps In India

7 Best Adventure Camps In India


You must be thinking what is an adventure camp is right, here’s the answer an adventure camp is a place which gives you the wildlife enjoyment, things which you’ve never done before though adventure life trekking etc near your city and some cases are under your city you will enjoy the camping in the wild experience staying under the stars experience bonfire at night and a full day of activities and the best thing away from cities noise, traffic, work, heat, people etc.

If you are a person who loves adventure want a peaceful time with family, friend or any special person these camps are for you near your cities, what else is stopping you to go on a trip to an adventure camp? Ohh Not having perfect knowledge of where to go or what to expect, don’t you worry here I am with all the information you need before making a trip plan to an adventure camp.

Here are some of the best adventure camps in India.


Nature Adventure Camp, Kanakapur

This adventure camp is one of the best adventure camps in India this camp is almost 50 km away from Bangalore city only a 1-hour drive and here you are at the nature adventure camp. Which offers you 100 of activity according to your preference and according to you.   You can choose the level of difficulty on the activities there are activities which are easy to the difficulty level you can choose accordingly. This place offers you a lot more than that.

Here in Nature adventure camp you can also go for Devera Gudda hilltop trek from where you can watch the valleys and there is a cave in way of the top where you can explore the cave it is a big cave. There is a paintball game ground where you can play with your friends then you can camp and enjoy bonfire and music during the night, the best part is this camp is covered by the big mountains and deep forest.

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You will get to see a different type of wild animals all these are in one camp. This is a great package if you live near Bangalore or in Bangalore. This camp is open all year round but if you want the best experience you should go post-monsoon as the forest is greener than usual after the monsoon.

Camp Tuskar, Haridwar

This adventure camp is situated in Rajaji National Park Haridwar. This is the best getaway for people who want the best in less grind. This place is situated in mountains of Himalayan ranges and we all know the beauty of Himalayan ranges away from the city hearing the chirping of birds enjoying the view what else anybody wants.

The tusker camp offers a lot more things what I mentioned above there are those things which are offered in Camp Tusker Treks, jeep safari, cycling near mountains, nature walks, rappelling, camping etc. yes etc because are many more than all these things offered by this camp. This can be your go-to location if you live near Haridwar or live in Haridwar.

Sahas Adventure Camp, Hyderabad 

Sahas Adventure camp is one of the most interesting camps in India. This camp is for the person who just does not want a vacation for relaxation and enjoyment or clubbing. This place is for people who eventually love tough adventure and want to do some crazy things. During their vacations or in small words this is an adventure camp for thrill lovers.

Sahas Adventure camp is situated near Hyderabad located in Ramoji film city. This place offers you activities like net course, zip lining, zorbing, high rope and many more activities which will help anybody go beyond their limits.

Banjara Camp, Kaza

When talking about adventure no one can forget the Ladakh region Spiti valley and one of the best adventure camps Banjara camp is situated in Kaza in the heart of Spiti valley. This place offers the best treks, best adventure and best landscape views.

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We all know the mesmerizing view of the Ladakh landscape. You can camp here and enjoy your night under the stars with a bonfire. This place will give you a lot of things you’ve never seen. You will be able to see Tibetan wolves, a very rare wildlife animal. This is a perfect go-to destination for people who love the views of Ladakh.

Camp Panther, Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a place which is known for its thrill adventure in India and the Camp panther is situated in Rishikesh. Well, there are plenty of camps available in Rishikesh which offer easy life on the camp but Panthers focus on other things like a lot of adventure and thrill. If you are in Rishikesh or going to Rishikesh you should visit this camp.

 Whoever wants to enjoy the wild side of Rishikesh you should visit this camp, the Camp Panthers.

Natures Nest, Goa

Natures Nest adventure camp is situated in North Goa Surla. This place is mostly for youth who want to enjoy the peace in nature and go near the nature. You can watch hear the birds and lush green forest all around you and there are a lot of things offered by the Nature nest Camp which are- nature Trails, treasure hunt, Rappelling and other activities.

There are also lots of camping location in Bangalore also in the heart of nature with the beautiful views.

Dangiri Desert Adventure Camp, Jaisalmer

This adventure camp is very different from all other camps in India cause some are in the lush green forests some are in mountains. But this one is in the desert one of the toughest places to survive and live but this camp makes this place an adventure and enjoyable. This camp gives us a very different experience as this place is in the desert and this camp offers you a jeep safari in the desert, camping under the stars above the desert, a very different view than any other camp.  


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