Accessories that Amplify the Look of Seagrass Coffee Tables

By Oscarjack 5 Min Read

Decorating shadow box coffee tables can feel like a challenge at times. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will work for everyone, you can approach the task of table decoration with a mix-and-match strategy.

There are a few decor things you should always have on hand to ensure you have everything you need for a properly decorated coffee table. 

But don’t be afraid! Simply choose four to five items from the list below, and experiment with their placement on your coffee table. 

Serving Tray 

A basic serving tray is an excellent addition to nearly any coffee table. You can stack it on top of books or use it to hold some of the other objects such as coasters, a flower vase, etc. 

Hardcover Book 

On a seagrass coffee table or any table style, large hardback novels look great. You can go for a minimalist aesthetic by displaying just one book or arranging a few in different places on your table. Choose books about themes you’re interested in, but make sure the one on top of it suits your design and color scheme.

Aromatic Candle 

If you like to change your design with the seasons, a candle is an easy method to do it. In the spring and summer, go for a floral or fresh aroma, or go for something spicier fragrant candle. It’s also a good idea to buy additional of your favorite candles so you’ll always have them on hand.

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Interesting Handcrafted Sculpture

Another item that will always function is an interesting sculpture. Depending on the size of the sculpture, you may either lay it on top of something else (such as a tray or a stack of books) or leave it on the table itself if you desire to draw more attention to it.

Eye-Catching Storage Box 

A small, ornamental box, similar to a tray, is another simple method to add some order to your coffee table. A large one can be used to store ugly items like remote controls, while a smaller box can be used to store matches for your candles.

Framed Photos 

On a coffee table, framed family photos look great. However, you must be careful not to incorporate a big amount of space; otherwise, look tacky and will get cluttered. A single or two frames can be used to display some of your best family memories. If images aren’t your thing, consider framing tickets from a recent trip, a cherished phrase, or even your children’s artwork.

Small Table Plant 

You can now have some options when it comes to plants for your coffee table. Choose a succulent that doesn’t require much water, such as a cactus. You can also go faux and buy a plant that does not require watering.


Displaying gorgeous crystals is a terrific way to add texture and interest to your room. In addition, you can derive spiritual and emotional benefits. They come in a number of sizes, shapes, and colors and may be mixed and matched with the rest of your table’s essentials.


Another interesting thing to put on your shadow box coffee table is an hourglass. If you like to have game evenings, it could come in handy, or you could simply leave it out as a gorgeous yet interactive exhibit.

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Animal Figurines 

Animal statues are a whimsical way to decorate your table. Depending on the appearance you want to achieve, you can select from a range of materials. There are several brass animal sculptures available online if you prefer vintage products.


Globes look great on any table because they add height to a stylish presentation. On top of a pile of books, place a smaller globe. Larger globes should be placed directly on your coffee table.

You any or a few to make your coffee table look extraordinary!

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