Home Entertainment Blockbuster 2023 Netflix: Here Is The Latest Updates

Blockbuster 2023 Netflix: Here Is The Latest Updates

Blockbuster 2023 Netflix: Here Is The Latest Updates

Blockbuster 2023 UpdatesBlockbuster, a new comedy series from Netflix and Universal Television, will follow the lives of the employees at the final Blockbuster location in the United States. Here is a summary of all we currently know about the upcoming series, which stars Randall Park and is now filming through the summer of 2022.

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So far, three waves of Blockbuster’s cast members have been revealed. Randall Park was confirmed to appear first. We then learned that Melissa Fumero had joined the cast in the middle of February 2022, and the remaining cast members were revealed in March 2022.

An ensemble comedy, Blockbuster will have six primary lead actors:

·  Timmy, one of the main roles who is characterised as a dreamer and a fan of movies, will be played by Randall Park (best known for Wandavision, Always Be My Maybe, and Fresh Off the Boat).

·  Eliza, a stubborn woman in her 40s and loving mother whose marriage to her high school love is on the rocks, will be portrayed by Brooklyn Nine-Melissa Nine’s Fumero. She worked at Blockbuster before leaving Harvard after one semester to establish a family.

· Connie will be portrayed by Olga Merediz (In the Heights), who is characterised as maternal and who works at Blockbuster because of the friends she has established there, not for the money.

· Carlos is a young man in his 20s who is described as a movie aficionado, which makes him come off as a snob. Tyler Alvarez (Never Have I Ever) will play Carlos.

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·  Playing will be Madeleine Arthur (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before). Hannah, a young woman in her 20s, is referred to as the neighbour girl.

·  Percy, the proprietor of a strip mall and a neighbouring store, will be portrayed by JB Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm). At the Blockbuster location, his daughter works.


The project is being led by Netflix and Universal’s Vanessa Ramos. Ramos has a distinguished background that includes work as a co-producer on Superstore and as a writer on NBC shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Crashing, and Kenan. On Netflix’s Big Mouth series, she also worked as a consultant producer.

David Caspe and Jackie Clarke are two more writers for the show. Although Caspe also contributed as a writer to the Adam Sandler movie That’s My Boy, he is best recognised for his work on Kenan and Black Monday.

Under the auspices of his Davis Entertainment imprint, John Davis will act as executive producer. Dolemite Is My Name and Shaft were both produced by David Entertainment for Netflix.


A group of nostalgic employees and their small-town community band together to try to save the last Blockbuster Video shop in the globe in a world where on-demand material is always available.

In a fading industry, in a dying strip mall, in a dying town, the series investigates what it takes—and more precisely, who it takes—for a tiny business to flourish despite all odds.

The programmer is analogous to NBC successes like Parks & Recreation, The Office, and Superstore, all of which have been huge ratings triumphs.

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