Can Dry Cleaners Fix Broken Zippers?

By Zain Liaquat 4 Min Read

You are wearing your favorite jacket and pair of jeans, and the zipper suddenly breaks. It is heartbreaking, but should your garment be tossed necessarily? Definitely not. While zippers can be hard to repair, you can fix them with a little know-how and skill.

A few dry cleaners may also fix your clothes. The sole option for a broken zipper is believed to be the replacement, which is often a difficult task. There is no need to go to a tailor necessarily, dry cleaners can fix your zippers. Here is a detailed guide on fixing your broken zipper.

Why Do Zippers Break?

One of the common reasons for zippers to break is that people often grab the slider tab of the zipper and pull it away from the tent fabric. This makes it easier to use your zipper with one hand, however, it can stress the two halves of the zipper slider, and make them separate.

Can a Broken Zipper be Fixed?

In order to provide you a flat rate without explaining the pricing tactic is not possible because there are several variations in zipper replacement and zippers. However, the price of a new zipper can cost around $10 or more. Rather than replacing a zipper, take it to dry cleaners Manchester as they can fix it. You can also fix it yourself if you have the skill. In a few cases, some pliers or household lubricant is all it needs to fix a stubborn, broken or stuck zipper.

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Can a Tailor Replace Your Zipper?

Zippers can be called an engineering marvel. However, if you have the right tools, they can be fixed quickly. You can use a zipper repair kit which includes all the right tools to fix a broken zipper. It may include all the sewing tools as well. Your tailor can also add a zipper. Just get a zipper which is more visible. Also, a hidden side zipper can be an option in case you prefer not to modify the appearance of your garment.

How to Reattach a Zipper?

A silicone lubricant is often used as a right way to unstitch a stubborn zipper. You can spray a small amount of it on the stuck area, wait for some time and then try again. Remove the stopper stopper using a fork or a pair of pliers and reinsert the teeth into the pull of the zipper. Once the zipper is removed, you can glue it or sew it back in place.

Love 2 Laundry – Get Your Zippers Fixed

In case the zipper requires a complete replacement, the best thing is to have a professional do this job at Love 2 Laundry. A zipper which can’t be repaired can be replaced, and replacing it is a tricky job as well. No need to go to a tailor for this purpose. Bring your zipper to us and let our experienced professionals fix it for you. Give us a call or email us and connect with our professionals!

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