A Cruel Shein Review

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Shein Clothing a lot, Those aren’t wonderful emotions, to be honest. So many fashion blogs and bloggers post-Shein reviews concerning size, delivery, and cost… But so few openly confront Shein’s corporate issues.

This article isn’t for you if you want to shop Shein and want a nice Shein review. Want an honest assessment of the firm, its methods, and products? I’m your girl.


Why I Am Competent To Discuss Fashion Firms’ Ethics And Sustainability.

I have a B.S. in Apparel Merchandising & Design and worked for a huge national fashion business for five years. I’ve seen how fashions are conceived, manufactured, priced, and marketed. Because I understand the machine, I can assess a brand’s value.

My lawyer disclosure.


All views expressed here are mine. These are not facts.

My unflinching Shein Clothing review


Avoid shopping Shein. Shein Clothing is a big quick fashion firm focused on making trendy things at a cheap cost. The “real” cost of these things comes in the form of possible pollution, increased trash in landfills, possibly unfair labor salaries or working conditions, and cultural appropriation.

While it may be tempting to purchase garments from fast fashion stores to save money on a trend, this practice ultimately harms the environment and the workers who create it.

Speaking about the workers that create our favorite fast-fashion things.

“The Department of Labor discovered that some prominent brands pay so little for their garment orders that the manufacturers they utilize cannot afford to pay minimum wage.”


Even worldwide brands that claim to respect all labor and pay rules in the countries where they manufacture may be deceiving you. Others may have lower standards of labor and remuneration than the US. Observing labor laws and wage rules in a foreign nation does not entail paying employees fairly or providing safe working conditions.

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Shein Free Trial Center is a quick fashion brand.


Garment workers require fair pay and safe working conditions. Clear: I am not accusing Shein of any particular offenses or abuse. Shein Clothing is a quick fashion firm that pushes mass consumption at the expense of labor and the environment.


Buying Quick Fashion Is Ethically Acceptable In Certain Cases.

The ethics of rapid fashion purchasing do not apply to people who need it. It’s a pleasure to purchase ethically and sustainably. But it’s individuals who purchase quick fashion hauls (and particularly show them off online and on social media) that are the issue. You’re part of the issue if you purchase quick fashion in bulk just for pleasure.

The Issue Is With Mass Consumers And Influencers.

Please stop and ponder before carrying enormous amounts of Shein apparel and writing Shein Clothing reviews with all your goodies. Do you promote eco-friendly buying habits? A rhetorical question No, just no.

Shein Has Been Accused Of Cultural Appropriation.

Even ignoring Shein Clothing history as a quick fashion firm, the company has other ethical issues.


Shein has been accused of cultural appropriation several times. Imagine Shein Clothing selling mats with a picture of the Kabaa (a structure in Mecca’s heart) on them. Who could forget the 2020 Shein Dresses swastika incident? Though the product does exist, Shein’s lack of clarity in selling it resulted in hundreds of angry clients within hours.


Shein Dresses isn’t alone in promoting and selling possibly racist items and promotions. An “oriental” collection by PrettyLittleThing H&M featured a Black toddler wearing a hoodie that said, “Coolest monkey in the jungle.”


Even if the Shein Clothing is attractive, do we really want to support businesses that profit off other cultures and races? Pass.

Sifting Through Shein’s Eco-Claims

Shein Dresses has a (frankly unhelpful) social responsibility page on their site. Only 50-100 Pieces Every New Product, Shein Claims.

Shein Clothing promises to only mass create things when clients order them. “We only start mass manufacturing when we know a style is in strong demand.”

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This is good since it indicates Shein Dresses doesn’t mass make useless products (which would really add to the landfills). However, this thinking persists. Producing any quantity of quick fashion is neither sustainable nor green, thus restricting output is an oxymoron. Producing less rubbish doesn’t get you additional points.

Shein Claims To Use Eco-Friendly Production Methods.

Shein Dresses claims to use eco-friendly products. “We try to use recycled cloth wherever possible.” There’s an issue with this assertion since Shein Clothing says they “do our best” to acquire recycled cloth. To properly understand their commitment to sustainability, we need to examine current statistics, future estimates, and aspirations. “Do our best” doesn’t tell us what you’re doing or what you plan to do.


Shein Dresses claims to follow all laws regarding human trafficking, slavery risks, and overall worker safety and pay.

It’s crucial to include Clothing complete statement on labor practises in this blog post, so brace yourself:


“Our in-house inspectors frequently examine and resolve human trafficking and slavery threats in product supply chains, based on internal or third-party information. We undertake both stated and unannounced supplier audits utilizing in-house and third-party inspectors who assess compliance with corporate requirements for trafficking and slavery. We cooperate with the US Department of Labor on supplier compliance with pay and hour requirements.


Our direct suppliers must confirm that materials used in products conform to applicable laws and business requirements. We hold workers and contractors accountable for not adhering to business standards on slavery and human trafficking. We educate specialized personnel and management on spotting and reporting slavery and human trafficking.”


It also emphasizes slavery and human trafficking above fair pay and safe working conditions. Unfortunately, I couldn’t discover any explicit remarks or corporate records.

Insufficient Transparency And Greenwashing Of Social Responsibility.

Overall, these claims are hollow. We, the consumers, are urged to take these claims at face value with no more information, insight, or commitment.

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