Diver adapts scuba technology to help patients with Covid-19

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The NHS has ordered 1,000 machines from a Somerset designer who adapted scuba technology to help patients with Covid. 19

Martin Stanton said he initially wanted to find ways of making the air in scuba tanks last longer for his dives.

When he learned hospitals had a shortage of ventilators during the pandemic, he set about designing a more efficient machine for patients.

Covid-19 ?

His scuba-inspired invention recycles oxygen the patient breathes out and is highly portable.

Ventilator designed by Martin Stanton
Image caption,
He exhibited the machine at the Cheltenham Science Festival
Ventilators were a key piece of equipment at the height of the pandemic.


By putting air into patients’ lungs, they provide the body with much-needed oxygen for those who cannot breathe without assistance.

Lime soda canister, used for absorbing carbon dioxide
Image caption,
Lime soda canisters are a medical-grade solution to carbon dioxide
Another benefit of his device is its portability

Diver adapts scuba technology to help patients with Covid-19

The machines are cheaper to produce too and cost about £3,300 each compared to the £12,000 cost of a typical VC70 ventilator used in intensive care units.

Covid can lead to lung damage, making it far harder to get vital oxygen into the  trial – across 48 hospitals in the UK – aimed to discover the best way of delivering extra  researchers say the findings will help patients in the UK and in countries with limited


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