Facebook and Instagram offer personalized “Year in Review” features

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Meta previously was known in the past as Facebook Meta, formerly known as Facebook launched “Year in Review” features for both Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook users can post their personal ‘Year with Friend’s card, which showcases the people, feelings as well as the places and people who are most important to them in 2022. The new experience for in-feeds is a reflection of the year’s events on the platform and then curates it into a shareable card. The new feature will be accessible globally from today and available through the 30th of December.

On Instagram users are able to share an individual Playback time capsule on their IG Story. This feature uses the Stories Archive which means that users can create and customize it. The maximum number of stories to post to their followers. To be eligible for this feature users must have published over three times in the past year. Or be logged in with Stories Archive turned on. This platform can suggest Playback stories for you to share. However, you’ll be able to choose what content you’d like to publish.

More Info?

Users will get an announcement on their Instagram feed that invites users to build their Playback. This new option will be accessible to users for a period of time. If you are looking for Australian users as followers, you can buy Instagram followers in Australia.

In the past, Instagram users have created their own version of an annual end-of-year feature that allows users to share their top images on the form of a picture grid. The year is 2009 and Instagram has launched an inside-app option for users to create shareable year-end content. Each of Facebook and Instagram’s latest features is fully customizable. So users can modify or delete posts and content that they want to. Meta says that the two new features will be rolling out in the next few days to users across the world.

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Why have People got more reach?

The introduction of the new features comes in the wake of sharing of year-end recaps are becoming more popular due to the Wrapped experience that Spotify offers each year that is widely shared on social networks each year.

Facebook and Instagram are joining a variety of other digital platforms. They want to emulate their popular service by making different versions. For instance, Reddit rolled out personalized reviews with data about its users’ habits this week. Meanwhile, Snapchat is expected to unveil the “Year-End Story” this month, too.

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