Have You Ever Visited Wadi Al-Jinn – One of the Most Enigmatic Places Near Madinah Munawra?

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A road to Al-Ain in the mountains

Wadi AL-Baida found in Saudi Arabia is seemed like a mysterious place near Madina. This valley is also named Wadi Al-Jinn. This place is considered inexplicable as the cars have been observed to move on their own without any driver. This valley is situated about 30 km near Madina on the northwest side. It has been observed in different cases that the mountains have some specific magnetic powers that attract people towards themselves. The cars were seen to move in an upward direction smoothly without even applying a force of accelerator. People who visit this place report for witnessing such unusual activities taking place around them.

Wadi Al-Jinn – The Divine Power of Allah Almighty

Travelers and visitors of Madina Munawra have reported frequently that this place has some unusual activities that have been observed on certain occasions and most significantly at night. People have heard voices and different sounds that are totally unexplained. A lot of them narrated that they were instructed to leave the place immediately as it did not belong to them. Some have seen huge flames of fire even when it was impossible to ignite such huge flames because of heavy winds. The magnetic attraction of vehicles and various other paranormal activities reported from this region are described in the newspapers and different articles. Due to such activities and observations, people have believed that jinns reside in this valley. Contrary to that this all is the divine power of Allah Almighty who is the only creator of this world.

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Some Scientific Shreds of Evidence Behind these Facts

According to different scientific reports and studies conduct on the basis of the unusual stories report for Wadi Al-Jinn, it has been explain in a detail format that there is no such paranormal activity in the specific region whereas the Rocky Mountains present in the valley are responsible for the reverse gravity. This is because the water has been seem to flow in an upward direction and the cars are move without any accelerator just because of the geological factors. Various geologists have shown that these activities are not only seen in Wadi Al-Jinn but in many other valleys including Wadi Al-Najran and Asir, which are also consider to exhibit such activities with strong forces. People who have visit such places have report similar instances.

Visit Wadi Al-Jinn During Umrah

A lot of different companies have been presenting the pilgrims with different packages for Umrah. To seek the blessings of such a sacred place. Various Umrah packages offer the pilgrims 15 to 20 nights’ stay in Makkah and Madina. The visitors are also blessed to visit different Holy places. In both cities to have some extra knowledge and capture the beauty of the sacred places. And praise Allah Almighty for his creations. In such circumstances, people are blessed to have the opportunity to execute ziarat. And offer Nawafil for seeking the blessings of Allah. Wadi Al-Jinn is also included in various packages to make people realize this place. And observe the divine power of Allah Almighty.

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