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How Do You Set up an Android TV Box?

How Do You Set up an Android TV Box?

Android Tv box is providing great benefits, making ordinary Tv into a smart Tv and enabling users to stream from great platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney plus Hotstar, and so on. 

Process 1: Connect the Android TV Box for android tv.com/setup

  • Users must connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI port 
  • After connecting with the Android TV box’s power cable, It would be turned on automatically.
  • Users must make sure that the Android TV box’s remote has two new AAA batteries.
  • To check and see it, turn on the Tv and press the power button on the Android Tv box remote.
  • Then users must press the “INPUT or SOURCE” button on the remote.
  • Choose the Input for the Android TV box.
  • Last, the remote would be paired automatically, if not pair it manually. 

Process 2: Set Up the Android TV Box

Generally, the Android Tv Box has an automatic setup process, if the device is not set automatically then for android tv.com/setup, take a glance at the steps mentioned below:

  • For language:

Users must go to settings and then choose the desired language from the select language option.

  • For wireless network:

Users need to select the wireless network option to connect wirelessly, and then choose the wifi to connect with the Android Tv Box and enter the wireless network’s password.

  • For Android Tv Box Update:

Go to the Settings menu, and choose the System Update/Update option.

At last, users would have to log into their Google account to finish the setup. 

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There are two ways for users to log in for androidtv.com/setup,

  1. Users can choose the “Use your password” option to enter into the user’s  Google account email account and password 
  2. Or users can also choose the “Use your phone or laptop” option and then from a web browser on any device with the same network. 

Users must visit android tv com setup, and from the displayed Tv screen note down the PIN and enter it on the device. 

Process 3: Use the Android TV after properly done the androidtv.com setup process:

It is now set up and ready to use, 

Users need to go to the home menu and choose the desired apps and games and if need settings, it is displayed at the bottom. 

Users can easily buy, download or rent their desired movies, shows, and games.

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