How Flange Alignment And Flange Closing Tools Work?

Flange Alignment

When two metal objects are joined together, the surfaces that will be in contact must be smooth and flat. If they’re not, the objects won’t fit together correctly and could cause damage. This is why flange alignment and flange closing tools are used in manufacturing plants and other industrial settings. These tools help to ensure that surfaces line up correctly and create a tight seal, preventing leakage. Find out more about these tools by reading on!

What is a flange alignment tool, and what does it do?

It is a device that is used to line up and connect two flanges. It is inserted between the two flanges and used to align them before bolting or welding them together. The most common type of it is the pneumatic flare aligner. 


This type of tool uses air pressure to push or pull the surfaces into alignment. Another type of it is the hydraulic pipe aligner.


This type of tool uses hydraulic fluid to push or pull the bolts into alignment. Finally, mechanical alignment devices use gears, chains, or belts to push or pull the components into alignment. 

How to use a flange alignment tool?


It is a device used to measure the misalignment of two pipe flanges. To use the tool, place it over the edge and tighten the knob until the arms are snug against the edge.


Then, read the dial indicator and make any necessary adjustments. When using it, it is essential to remember that all measurements should be taken at room temperature. This will ensure that the readings are accurate.

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What is a flange closing tool, and what does it do?

It is a specialized wrench used to close and seal pipe flanges. The tool consists of two jaws that are connected by a hinge. The jaws are lined with gaskets that create a tight seal when the tool is closed.


It is used in many industries, including oil and gas, automotive, and plumbing. In most cases, the tool is used to close pipe fittings that have been damaged or leaky.


However, the tool can also be used to open pipe connections that are stuck shut. It is an essential part of many industrial applications and is used by workers worldwide every day. The RIVERLAKE online provides toolkit includes these tools.

How to use flange closing tools?


They are essential for any Plumber or Pipeline Engineer. They are used to join two flanges together, usually connecting two pipes. The process is simple: first, the two bolts are placed side-by-side and aligned so that the bolt holes line up.


Next, the gasket is placed between the bolt holes, and the bolts are inserted through the holes. Finally, the nuts are tightened down, compress the gasket, and pull the two pieces together. Then, using a torque wrench, the bolts are tightened to the specified torque.


Once all bolts have been drawn, the tool is removed, and the connection is complete. They are an essential part of any pipefitting project, and with a bit of practice, they can be used to create solid and reliable connections.

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By Michael Caine

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