How Online Course Creators can Stay Productive 

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With the growth in educational technology, we have been witnessing a transition to the best platform to sell online courses from conventional teaching. This is because online education offers a bucket full of benefits such as better flexibility, convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. However, creating an online course and working as an online teacher is not a cakewalk. Different tasks and duties need to be planned and done daily. To do so, online course creators need to be productive. 

What is productivity? 

Productivity in simple words is a measure of one’s efficiency level. It means to do most of the work in a minimum amount of time. Deciding the course topic, making an outlook and working in smaller portions, making video lectures, and making out time for live sessions everyday demand productivity. This will help educators to manage all the work properly and meet accountability too. Let us discuss some effective tips that online course creators can follow to stay productive. 

How online course creators can stay productive: steps to follow 

  1. Work in batches

Batching is one of the most effective ways to stay productive at your work. As an online course creator, you need to perform multiple tasks. From making videos, editing, assignments, making quizzes, and much more. Doing one video then moving to an assignment, then coming back to the video can lead to confusion, and time wastage.

Switching from one task to the other in a random fashion is never a good practice. Instead of this, online educators should combine similar work, make batches and work on one batch each day respectively. For example, if you have three video lectures to record, two assignments to make, and newsletters to send for a week, on day one record all the videos, day two to edit,  give day three for assignments, and day four to newsletters, and so on. 

  1. Stay organized

Another way for staying productive is to keep your workstation fully organized. When your work table is full of unnecessary items and documents, it becomes messy and confusing. For example, if you need to record a lecture, your work table is full of cables, connectors, and notebooks, and you are not able to find your tripod and headphones. This can make you frustrated and leads to a waste of time and energy. To avoid this happening with you, make sure to keep your workspace organized. Keep it minimalistic by having only items and tools that are needed for that time being. This will make you more concentrated and efficient at work. 

  1. Choose the right working space 

Whether at home, educational institute, or in a studio, the right workspace is very important for productivity. Online teaching gives teachers the privilege to work at their convenience places. However, for online course selling effectively, make sure that you select a dedicated workplace for yourself.  Being in your living area, where family members have a continuous presence can affect your work quality. Therefore select a separate room for yourself. It should be calm, and free of environmental distractions and noises. This will help you to focus more on work, chances of mistakes, and interruptions in video content will also be reduced to a great extent. 

  1. Stay away from digital distractions

Whenever a message or a notification pops up on our phones, no matter how important work we are doing, we pick our phones in between to check. This breaks the continuous flow of work. And once we pick up our phone, ten to fifteen minutes are consumed in scrolling and checking the messages. This can affect the productivity rate of the teachers. While working make sure to keep your phone on silent mode or notifications on mute. Other than this an online course creator gets queries on emails, and social media accounts from the customers too. Set a time in which you are checking and reverting to the queries. Don’t do it when you are into your important work. 

  1. Reward yourself

Motivation and reward are very important to give your best in the work and stay productive throughout. To do so, online course creators must reward themselves. Set timelines in which you want your work to get finished. Once you achieve the target in the decided period, don’t forget to reward yourself. It can be any food treat of your choice. Or other than materialistic rewards, you can take an afternoon break or a whole day off from work once a week. 

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To sell online courses effectively, teachers need to perform several tasks and duties daily. To do so, teachers have to make most of the available time. By following the above-mentioned tips, online course creators can become productive. This will help teachers to wind up all the work timely and efficiently. 

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