How To Settle Down in Your New Home After House Shifting

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Congratulations! You have finally shifted to your new home which you have been planning all this while. You have arrived in your new abode with all the boxes filled with your belongings, and now you feel a bit relaxed. But this is the time to unpack and settle it. You must be wondering which part of the house you should start with and what exactly should you focus on. I have got you the tips on how to settle down in your new home after house shifting.

House shifting is a back-breaking process; no matter whether you are shifting alone or with your family. You need to have a consolidated plan and a decisive thought process. Combine your managerial skills and executive skills to carry out a house shifting process with ease. But after you have successfully shifted to your new house, only half of the work is done; the other half is yet to be accomplished. You need to unpack the boxes and arrange your belongings in a proper way to transform your new house into a home.

Following are a few tips on how to settle down in your new home after house shifting:

Verify the boxes

As soon as you arrive at your new home, verify the number of boxes. Also, check them for damages and breakage. Reach out for the moving checklist that you made earlier and tick off the contents to verify if all the boxes made it to the destination. If you find that some of your boxes are missing, or some of the bigger pieces of furniture are damaged on the move, contact your packers and movers company in Pune to claim for insurance. You can claim insurance within 30 days after the delivery of your goods. Make sure that you do not delay to claim your losses.

Unload the boxes in their rooms

As you start with the unloading process, ask your packers and movers to unload the boxes in their respective rooms. This will ease the entire unloading activity to a great extent.

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Create a priority checklist

Just like you created a moving checklist before house shifting, it is time to create another checklist for the unpacking saga. It should be based on which boxes you should unpack first according to its priority. It depends upon your choice of which room you want to settle in first- the kitchen, your bedroom, or the bathroom.

Jump into unpacking

The quicker you start the unpacking process, the sooner will your house transform into a home. Don’t try to unpack all the rooms simultaneously. Instead, sort out one room at a time according to their priority in your daily life. It will help you focus on organising each room at a time and reduce the stress of unpacking everything together.

Test out the appliances

Remember to test all the appliances and electronic gadgets as soon as possible. If you find any of the items to be defunct after the move, contact your moving company to claim monetary compensation or ask them to get them repaired. You can claim the compensation within 30 days of the delivery of your goods.

Clean your rooms post unpacking

After you unpack your boxes and arrange the belongings in their respective rooms, you will find the floors of your room dirty with the dust being scattered from the boxes. Sweep out the dust and mop the floors clean to make a spick and span start in your new home.

Check with the utility services

This part of the settling has to be planned earlier when you started the house shifting from your last home. You cannot keep going a single day without the electricity, water supply, or gas connection. So, make sure that you connect with your utility service providers as soon as you move in. Ask them to provide you with the utility services without any delay.

Update your address

Make sure that you update your new address in your bank and the postal services. Otherwise, all your credit card bills and important documents will get posted at your old house address.

Discover and explore the neighbourhood

As you move into the new house, consider exploring the new neighbourhood. Discover the hospitals, pharmacies, schools, gyms, pet care centres, grocery stores, shopping centres, petrol pumps, vehicle servicing centres, parks, etc. in your vicinity. This will make you comfortable in your new neighbourhood and you will start socializing with the people out there.

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Throw a housewarming party

In India, it is a common tradition to celebrate the new beginning of life in a new house. We call it the “griha pravesh” or the housewarming party. Invite your new neighbours, friends, and relatives for a meet and greet ice-breaking session. It is a good way to feel at home in your new house.

Make a schedule for yourself

House shifting is an elaborate process and it takes a good number of days to plan, prepare, and bring it to practice. Again, unpacking and arranging everything in the right way in your new house will take you another few days. So, you tend to get diverted from your daily schedule due to the alteration amidst the house shifting bedlam. Make a fresh schedule as soon as possible and stick to it for maintaining a defined lifestyle.

Adjust and take it slow

It is normal to feel homesick and miss your old neighbourhood. You will be yearning to meet your old friends, relatives, or family members for the first few months as you move away from them. As you settle down after house shifting, you will get used to the new house and the new locale. You will make new acquaintances and neighbours who will make you feel at home. It takes time for a person to fit in a new situation; you will take time as well. So, there is no need to hurry. Take it slow and you will be able to adjust and merge in with the people around you.

Final Verdict

House shifting is a conscientious procedure, and packing your belongings can feel like utter drudgery. Unpacking your belongings feels much more positive and vibrant rather than a grinding activity. You feel triggered to decorate your new home in the best way possible and there is a sanguine factor related to unpacking.

I hope now you are quite aware of how to settle down in your new home after house shifting, I wish you have a splendid housewarming party!

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