Importance of Communication Channels for Successful Customer Experience

These days, loyal buyers are based less on price or product and more on the buyer’s experience. In fact, as per a study done this year, 86% of buyers don’t mind the cost as long as they have a great time with the brand. 

The same study found that firms that earn at least $1 billion a year can expect $700 million more. This would be all in three years of putting funds into buyer experience.

Now, using omnichannel solutions to reach buyers is one of the main factors of a good buyer experience. But how does this derive? How do omnichannel platforms boost buyer experience? Read on, and let’s explore this question.

Call Center Omni-channel Solutions 

The call center sector of commerce has many effects on the buyer experience. It can also gain a lot from omni channel communication. You can reach buyers on more than one channel with an omnichannel call center. You can even easily switch between these channels, which has a great upside.

See, the way clients connect with a firm is often not linear. For example, a client might start a live chat session and decide halfway through that a call would work best. This is why omnichannel solutions are very crucial for call center service teams.

The Growth of Digital Omni-channel Communications

The COVID pandemic has proved the importance of keeping more than one means to reach clients. After the pandemic, 79% of firms have taken up digital comms and more means of reaching their clients. And among the means used, emails and video chats have had the top spot at 74% each. At 50%, phone calls are the next most used. 

Firms use these channels to spread information on discounts, offers, and updates, as well as surveys. All in all, omnichannel solutions are gaining more ground among vendors. 

How Communication Channels Affect Customer Experience 

Many things affect the quality of buyer experience, and communication channels are the main ones. If you have no strong presence on the best omnichannel platforms at hand, anything else you do may be in vain. 

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As such, your use of the various channels should be top-notch. But there are also other impacts it can have that are crucial to a great buying experience.

  1. It Builds Trust 

As per a 2021 study, 81% of buyers say they buy more from brands they trust, and experience is the main factor. When the buyers have a great experience with your brand, they will grow to trust it more. As a result, sales rates will rise, as will your ROI. And one of the ways this trust grows is through easy access to you.

When you have a presence on all the most favored social platforms, more buyers can easily reach you no matter which one they are on. This view of you as “easy to reach” breeds a sense of closeness to you that makes them more likely to buy more.

2 More Engaging and Tailored Marketing 

Recent events on the world stage have put economies in a bad way, and a lot of people are troubled. Such times are the cue for firms that can stand out as caring and empathic to step in and shine. 

Part of what counts for a great time with a brand is how much it shows concern for buyers. Shoppers feel more at home with a brand that stands out through concern and shows that it cares. On the other hand, a brand that comes off as stoic and cold will slowly lose the trust of its buyers. In fact, 68% of buyers tend to leave a brand that does not show concern.

Now, people choose social platforms based on many factors, such as their means. And when you try to reach them on any platform they use, they get the message that your brand cares about them. 

3 Creating a Sense of Being Credible 

Buyers tend to feel more at home with brands that give off a sense of being credible and savvy. They want to know that your brand has things under grips and knows what it’s doing. And when you use omni channel platforms, they see your brand as all in. It shows that your brand is committed to meeting your buyers’ needs, no matter the time or platform. 

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4 Building Loyalty

Buyers prefer their platforms for various reasons, and any brand that will thrive must learn to meet them on any platform of their choice. This breeds loyalty, which is very crucial to keeping them with you. Research shows that 51% of buyers stay loyal to brands that can reach them through any means of their choice. 

This is very crucial, mainly if you sell fresh goods. Markets in such sectors gain a lot of buyer loyalty from the “any place, any time” vibe of omnichannel communication. And when your buyers get that vibe from you, they will not want to buy from any other brand that does not match the experience. 

5 Forming Lasting Relationships 

As a vendor, you don’t just want your buyers to buy for a while. You want to keep a rapport with them that lasts far into the future, and their experience with your brand is key to that. Buyers grow a sense of being friendly with your brand when you use omni channel platforms. In their minds, you are THEIR brand; they grow a sense of you as a friend they trust rather than a passive vendor. And as you keep the connection through their platforms of choice, that idea forms the basis of a rapport that lasts very long. 

Many Channels, One Voice

Having seen how crucial omnichannel solutions are, it is time to try a unified communication channel approach. But keep in mind that you must order your movements across your channels at various phases of your buyers’ journey with your brand. So, the first step is to gather and compile data on your buyers’ preferred platforms. You can then use this data to manage your networks across these channels from a dual demand and supply-side outlook. 

Once you can form a unified voice across all your channels, you will see a real change in how your buyers relate to your brand. Then you will begin to see some growth in ROI. 


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