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Marketing Management Solved MCQs 2022

Marketing Management Solved MCQs 2022
Marketing Management Solved MCQs

Marketing Management solved MCQs

of 50 sets

1. Marketing is a process of converting the potential customers into …………..

A. actual customers

B. prospective customers

C. marketers

D. none of these

2. Marketing is a …………..process

A. goal-oriented

B. exchange

C. social

D. all of these

3. Which of the following is not included in the function of physical supply?

A. standardization

B. storage

C. transport

D. packaging

4. All forces or factors that effect marketing policies, decisions, and operations of a business constitute..

A. marketing mix

B. marketing environment

C. marketing control

D. none of these

5. The group of elements price, product, promotion, and place constitute

A. market mix

B. marketing mix

C. product mix

D. promotion mix

6. The concept of marketing mix was developed by

A. Philip Kotler

B. Stapleton

C. n.h borden

D. Albert w emery

7. Market where goods are transacted on the spot or immediately

A. future market

B. spot market

C. perfect market

D. none of these

8. Market where there is no physical delivery of goods

A. future market

B. spot market

C. perfect market

D. none of these

9. Markets which are organized and regulated by statutory measures are

A. regulated markets

B. unregulated markets

C. world market

D. none of these

10. The markets in which goods are bought and sold in bulk quantities.

A. wholesale market

B. retail market

C. world market

D. none of these

11. Market in which gold and silver are sold

A. commodity market

B. produce market

C. bullion market

D. none of these

12. Market where money is lent and borrowed

A. money market

B. foreign exchange market

C. stock market

D. none of these

13. Marketing is applicable in …………

A. goods

B. events

C. property

D. all of these

14. Risk bearing is a function of…………

A. research

B. exchange

C. physical supply

D. facilitating

15. Marketing is important to

A. economy

B. companies

C. consumers

D. all of these

16. Profit through Customer Satisfaction Is aimed in …………. Concept

A. production

B. holistic

C. marketing

D. selling

17. Marketing Environment is

A. largely uncontrollable

B. changing fast

C. influencing marketing decisions

D. all of these

18. Marketing that converts negative demand to positive demand is known as

A. conversional

B. maintenance

C. remarketing

D. developmental

20. Consumers show …………… while buying their products on a regular basis

A. dissonance reduction buying behavior

B. variety-seeking buying behavior

C. complex buying behavior

D. habitual buying behaviour

21. “ We guarantee every product we sell” appeals to…………………motive

A. curiosity

B. variety

C. quality

D. comfort

22. The negative feeling which arise after purchase causing inner tension is known as…..

A. cognitive dissonance

B. post purchase dissonance

C. buyer’s remorse

D. all of these

23. Social class is an element of………………….factor

A. social

B. cultural

C. personal

D. economic

24. Sub-dividing of the market into homogeneous sub-sections of customers is known as

A. target marketing

B. market segmentation

C. product differentiation

D. none of these

25. The essential criteria for effective segmentation is

A. homogeneity

B. measurability

C. profitability

D. all of these


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