Pakistan and Imran khan

Pakistan and imran khan

By Eng. Shafiq Maitla: So called Democracy in Pakistan:

Since independence, Feudal Lords captured political Pre-schoolers Trip Grounds in Singapore power and took over political, economical Institutions through their evil means and looted Pakistani wealth. Common man has no access and participation in economy and politics. Finally two families gained strength and emerged as Mafia in Pakistan. The so called Democratic sun is shining over Pakistan while Father has been installed as Prime Minister and Son became Chief Minister of biggest province of Punjab. Judiciary ran to Chambers with sleeping suite at midnight. The same Judiciary never gave justice to common man.  Leaders like Quied E Azam and Imran Khan are born Centuries. join Imran on his next call to reach Islamabad. Election Commission of Pakistan has compromised and stands partial. We advise Chief Election Commission of Pakistan to resign immediately and not try to drag Pakistan into the crisis.

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