Photos for Instagram: tips on how to use them to get more results

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It’s repetitive to say that networks have completely changed the relationship between brands and consumers, but this is the purest truth. Instagram is more effective for commercial use among the different platforms that enable social interaction.

Marketing on Instagram means accessing a vast user base already used to interact with brands through this channel. The numbers don’t lie: 90% of the network’s more than 1 billion users follow at least one business profile.

Naturally, the number of companies that explore the network and execute strategies in search of engagement is large. The competition for users’ attention is enormous, generating the need to adopt good practices to attract followers and create lasting relationships.

As we are talking about a platform focused on publishing visual content, one of the pillars for success is knowing how to use images to convey the appropriate messages, working on your branding and boosting your sales. Because of this, it is crucial to understand the best practices for using photos for Instagram.

By producing quality photographs that align with the brand’s identity and ideals, you will have the opportunity to establish yourself as an authority on the network, attracting more and more followers and, eventually, converting them into customers. Recognizing the importance of this issue, we created this post. In it, we will provide fundamental tips to optimize your performance on the network. Keep reading to find out more!

Look for a smartphone with a quality camera

It is only sometimes possible to capture the image you have in mind. If you’ve ever tried to take a photo of a beautiful full moon, you probably know what we’re talking about. What we capture with the naked eye is rarely reproduced on camera, even generating a feeling of frustration.

If you don’t have a quality camera, it won’t be easy to get your Instagram photo ideas off the ground. Of course, you can use whatever equipment is available, but it is essential to plan for an upgrade.

Currently, several smartphones still need to be desired compared to semi-professional cameras. Regardless of your preferred brand, choosing a device capable of recording high-quality images up close and far away is essential. This way, your photos will come out with higher resolution and give off an air of more excellent professionalism, making it easier to attract engagement.

It is also essential to check whether the smartphone can save photos larger than its resolution. This is because image editors, vital for anyone who works with Instagram, can adjust the photograph’s dimensions without compromising its quality. A good camera, in addition to high resolution, must-have features that facilitate image capture, such as mechanical zoom, autofocus, HDR, etc.

Clean the camera before shooting

Even with the best camera on the market, you need to take some care to ensure quality photos. Maintaining equipment, after all, is as important as purchasing it.

Many people neglect the need to keep the camera lens clean when we talk about smartphones. It’s natural since it’s such a standard device in our lives that we often forget to practice some basic precautions. It is essential to avoid this if you want photos with the appropriate quality standard.

Therefore, make it a habit to clean your camera or smartphone periodically. For many people, the best method is to condition the photo to the act of cleaning. In other words, wipe the lens every time you take a picture.

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In addition to preventing streaks and smudges that could compromise the image, this practice extends the device’s useful life, becoming a positive factor for your financial control. Check now

Choose the appropriate location to photograph

Choosing the perfect location to photograph is as important as having the most suitable equipment. The idea is to find a setting with abundant natural light, favouring capturing images.

Also, consider what you photograph and what the content is intended for. In the case of product photos, for example, the best option may be a neutral location, that is, one that allows the object in question to stand out from the scenery.

You can use creativity when producing your images. Open fields, busy streets and even dark rooms can be the perfect backdrop for your photo if you use the correct techniques and convey the desired message to the persona.

Use photo editing apps

Everyone knows that photo editing is a critical practice to improve your images and make them closer to the result you want. However, it is crucial to remember that editing photographs go far beyond simply applying the various filters Instagram offers and the operating systems themselves.

You must learn to change contrast, brightness, colours, sharpness options, cropping, etc. Most smartphones have built-in editing features, making life easier for those with little experience in the subject.

These programs, however, may need to be more to achieve the quality you need. Therefore, it is a good idea to explore the different image editing applications, which can be found in both the Apple Store and the Play Store. Test some options, explore each tool and find the one that best fits your situation.

Explore different angles

If your cell phone is nearby, reach for it and photograph an object. Done? So, how did you hold your smartphone? Most of the time, out of habit, we take photos holding our cell phones at eye level. In doing so, however, we need to explore other angles that can make up a good image for Instagram.

So, try to detach yourself from this addiction and let your imagination flow. Take photos from above, below, from the side, zoomed in or from afar.

When discussing displaying products, this practice is critical to show the consumer as many details as possible. In the digital shopping journey, viewing all parts of the product is a determining factor in decision-making, so be sure to provide this experience to your followers. Using the carousel format is an exciting way to display photos from different angles.

Use your phone’s camera, not the Instagram app

Here, we have a fundamental tip that goes unnoticed by many people. As you know, Instagram is a social network focused on photos and offers several resources for its users to produce content within the platform.

So, it is possible to use the camera provided by the app to record your images, but this is not a recommended practice. The smartphone’s camera has extra features, such as HDR, which automatically correct images.

Additionally, you will notice that the Instagram camera crops the image to adapt it to the network’s standards. This can leave out essential details and jeopardize the entire plan. Therefore, the idea is to record the photo on your smartphone, edit it and upload it to Instagram.

Use equipment to improve photos

As you progress with your Digital Marketing strategy, you will begin to feel the need to upgrade. Photos considered excellent at the beginning of the campaign will seem insufficient.

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This is when you should look for ways to further increase the quality of the images, which does not necessarily involve purchasing a new camera or smartphone. Several pieces of equipment and accessories can work perfectly for your goals.

Tripods, for example, help stabilize the camera and avoid shaky photos. Small lamps can be used to illuminate darker environments or to highlight the details of an object. There are also special lenses for smartphones. Opt for lenses that expand the recording field, such as fish eye, or enhance the camera’s zoom.

Activate cell phone grids

Virtually all smartphone cameras have the grids feature. This series of lines drawn on the screen facilitates framing the photo and guide the photographer’s positioning.

When using this functionality, you will find it easier to take photos with well-distributed elements, that is, more pleasant for the audience. It is essential to maintain the same quality standard in all images to convey an idea of ​​professionalism.

Activating the grids is done differently on each device, but it is nothing complex. Open the camera, access the settings and search for this functionality. You can also apply the rule of thirds, a theory used to compose images with well-distributed elements when using grids.

Avoid using zoom

Although using Zoom is often tempting, it is essential to avoid this practice. Unlike what happens with analogue and professional cameras, the zoom on smartphones is entirely digital, which compromises the sharpness and overall quality of the image.

The reason is simple: as there is no accurate approximation, digital zoom is nothing more than a way of stretching the captured image, which can cause blur and problems related to sharpness.

In all cases, the best alternative is to get closer to the object and register. If this is not possible, take a photo without zooming and crop the part you want using an image editor. This will still harm the quality, but at least it will reduce the damage caused by sensitivity to movement.

Click the photo with the cell phone volume button

Speaking of motion sensitivity, many photos end up blurry because the person shakes their hand involuntarily when clicking the capture button. However, this problem is straightforward: use the smartphone’s volume button.

As it is on the side of the device, it can tighten it more firmly without sudden movements. This functionality is present in the factory configuration of most smartphones.

Keep an eye on engagement metrics

The goal of Instagram photos is to drive engagement. Therefore, monitoring engagement metrics is more important than analyzing whether your pictures are beautiful.

They serve as an indicator to understand what your audience thinks about your content. If an image has many more likes and comments than another, try to understand which elements may be responsible for this disparity.

Over time, you will identify the types of photos that generate the most buzz among your followers. From then on, your entire production process can be guided by specific guidelines developed to encourage interaction among network users. After all, like everything that involves producing content for the internet, success depends on alignment with the persona’s expectations.

Photos for Instagram must follow a strict quality standard, as we are talking about a network focused on producing and disseminating visual content. The platform offers several resources to boost your account’s reach and engagement, but it is essential to understand how and when to use them.

Follow the tips in this post, monitor your performance and never stop practising. This is the formula for getting the most out of one of the most popular social networks.

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