10 Best Places To Visit During Your Honeymoon Tour In Dubai

By Arslan Shah 8 Min Read

If you are considering your honeymoon in Dubai, then yes, go ahead with this! The metropolis has abundant to offer. For instance, you can enjoy romantic moments with your partner and adore the beauty and architecture of this city. Reserve a boat cruise for some solitude encircled by the Arabian Gulf’s prominent sights and incomparable beauty.

Moreover, if you’re the kind of couple that appreciates adventurous water activities or the one who prefers clubbing and drinking, there are several possibilities available. You may also select from a variety of romantic eateries providing delectable cuisine.

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Sit and relax on the beach or witness a dolphin performance, stroll through a million-flower paradise or enjoy a unique desert safari – the honeymoon destinations in Dubai are limitless.

Yet if you’re still uncertain, don’t worry; Roaming Routes can curate a Dubai package for the couple that would include all the prominent places and things to do in Dubai for the honeymoon. So, to make the most of your Honeymoon in Dubai, Roaming Routes can curate an exclusive package for a luxury Dubai honeymoon.

Let’s take a glimpse at the Places to visit in Dubai for a honeymoon.

Romantic Destinations For A Memorable Honeymoon in Dubai

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj khalifa

A honeymoon in Dubai is incomplete without admiring this mighty structure. Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure globally at 829.8 meters, tops the list of the greatest locations in Dubai. So from the 124th-floor viewing platform, visitors can take in this larger-than-life metropolis.

Further, visitors may conclude their journey on the ground by seeing the Dubai Fountain Show or touring the exquisitely landscaped gardens. Tourists should purchase admission online in advance to prevent lines.

2. Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium Underwater zoo

This aquarium within Dubai Mall is among the city’s most popular attractions. Explore over 140 kinds of marine life in a massive suspended aquarium. Experiences such as a glass-bottom boat ride above the tank, cage snorkeling, and shark dives provide a unique encounter with marine life. These experiences are ideal for the couple seeking some fantastic and adventurous things to do in Dubai for their honeymoon.

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3. The Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

The most extensive floral garden and one of the places to visit in Dubai for a honeymoon, the Dubai Miracle for couples is a most. The park opens at the approach of winter and features 150 million blooms in their full splendor. Further, numerous constructions, including an aircraft, a heart, and several other structures, have been made using gorgeous flowers.

In addition to seeing stunning sculptures, guests may enjoy delectable lunches at the stores and restaurants located inside the garden. Moreover, visiting this enchanted location will allow you to spend a fantastic day on your honeymoon in Dubai.

4. The Dubai Fountain Show

Dubai Fountain Show

Witnessing the stunning hour-long performance with your partner while seated hand-in-hand is something lovely. The Dubai Fountain dazzled tens of thousands of people every day, and the water rising to an astonishing height and swirling on tunes can’t be missed.

5. Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

For an adventure-filled honeymoon in Dubai, Ski Dubai is a winter paradise that encompasses 22,500 square meters. So this large ski resort offers ice skating in the middle of the city’s oppressive heat. Further, the location has a freestyle region and five kinds of ski runs with varying ski capabilities. Additionally, featuring temperatures ranging from -1 to 2 degrees Celsius, Ski Dubai is the ideal destination for anyone seeking to escape the Dubai heat.

6. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach

If you intend to visit all of Dubai’s finest honeymoon destinations, Jumeirah Beach is the ideal location. This white sand shore, titled after the Jumeirah neighborhood, experiences a large number of vacationers. Further, along the shoreline are restaurants, cafés, and hotels that enhance its charm.

Aside from this, the region is abundant with gorgeous parks where visitors may have a family picnic. Despite being among the most excellent beachfront in Dubai, the location is ideal for a relaxing experience. So, head to Jumeirah Beach for a great beach experience for your honeymoon in Dubai.

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7. Luxury Yacht Tour

For a luxury Dubai honeymoon experience, head on to Dubai Marina. If you are looking for some personal time amidst the blue waters, then a luxury yacht tour is among the best things to do in Dubai for your honeymoon.

A luxury yacht cruise will allow you to see the famous monuments in an exclusive and romantic environment.

Enjoy the pristine turquoise waters of the Gulf on a 65-foot yacht with comfy lounging spaces, a roomy flybridge, and an observation deck with breathtaking views of the world’s largest metropolis. Enjoy world-class service with an experienced captain and crew and delectable meals for a fantastic honeymoon in Dubai.

8. Ferrari World

Honeymoon couple in dubai ferrari world

The indoor theme park at Ferrari World is ideal for couples who enjoy engaging in risky activities. Numerous activities and rollercoasters keep the adrenaline pounding, so the enjoyment is never-ending. So if you are looking for an adventurous honeymoon in Dubai, the Ferrari World is a must.

9. Desert Safari with BBQ

Desert Safari

Nothing is more personal and intimate than enjoying the night with your partner in the desert. On a night safari across the Arabian desert, you would be able to see a stunning sunset, engage in the exhilarating activity of dune bashing, and learn about local customs such as shisha smoking, belly dancing, and Tanura shows.

Following the spine-tingling ride, there will be a BBQ meal and live entertainment performances. Additionally, experience a camel ride, photograph the sunset, and get henna tattoos. Isn’t it a dreamy and perfect honeymoon in Dubai?

10. Legoland Dubai

Legoland is the pinnacle of honeymoon destinations in Dubai, offering a realm of adventure. The awe-inspiring amusement park has attractions and rollercoasters that would make visitors want to return repeatedly.

Final Say

A honeymoon in Dubai is a great experience. Further, suppose you consider the cost of a honeymoon in Dubai, then with the Roaming Routes Dubai honeymoon package. In that case, you can have a great and memorable experience within your budget. Ready to experience Dubai with your better half? Book your packages with Roaming Routes.

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