Practical Safety Tips for the First-Time security Officers

Being an on-duty officer, you will secure the safety of those you are serving. However, this depends on how snug you feel when you are in this job. The service quality goes hand in hand with the ability of a guard to protect the people in extreme situations. 

Generally, a security guard may have to deal with criminal cases like theft, trouble, or attack. Although a security officer will receive a lot of knowledge in training. But in reality, a guard has to learn more about the actual job. Just because they are in that position of obligation, people have to trust that the officer can take care of themselves and people as well. 

What are the Safety Tips

A beginner security officer needs to learn some essential tips to keep people safe and prevent dangerous systems as an on-duty security officer. 

  • Check your Tools 

A security officer is responsible for a lot of things, but one of their primary duties is keeping a check on their equipment. This means not only ensuring that all of their ges security systems are in working order and that they have the necessary tools to do their job but also staying up-to-date on the latest changes and updates to those devices and tools. 

Security officers need to be especially conscientious about security updates, as failing to keep devices current can leave them open to attack. It’s also important for officers to remember that all the equipment is in proper working condition. Each and everything needs to be usable for doing the job properly. Make sure that the officer has the tools close to them during the shift and is capable of handling things efficiently. 

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  • Knowledge of Surroundings 

A security guard’s job is to protect people, property, and premises. They do this by maintaining a visible presence, deterring crime, and reacting quickly to any incidents that may occur. Part of a security guard’s role is also to carry out regular patrols of the site they are protecting, checking for any signs of tampering or disturbance. 

In order to be effective in their role, it is essential that a security guard has all the necessary equipment to hand in and knows how to use it properly. Being a beginner, the guard needs to engage all their senses and carefully analyze the environment. When they become familiar with the working area, they will not lose their grip during extreme pressure situations. Being aware of the location, their brain will be more likely to report anything.

  • Planning Ahead 

Once you get trained with your surroundings, you have to plan what to do in different possible strategies. The job is to neutralize a danger immediately after you analyze suspicious activity. Take some time to envision different situations that you may encounter in the work line. Many times, the guard gets very little time to react to a scary situation. In those situations, the guard service will get very little time to react to risky situations. While patrolling, the brain of a security officer should come up with action plans for what they imagine. 

The plan should contain the safety of the building’s safety protocols, exit sites, and possible risks of decisions a security guard comes up with for dealing. If you are working in a team, every other member needs to understand their role in a consistent action plan for the security of the involved people. The teams need to have a clear contact channel and a contingency in case the plan fails. Being ready with a trustworthy plan is required to keep everyone secured, ensuring a safe and secure environment. 

  • Being Inconsistent

Security officers need to be unpredictable because if the criminals know what to expect from them, they will find ways to exploit that predictability. For instance, a security officer who always patrols the same route and at the same time every day can be easily anticipated by criminals and thereby avoided or confronted. 

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By being unpredictable, security officers make it difficult for criminals to plan ahead and thus increase the chances of thwarting criminal activity. When it comes to security, unpredictability is key. Security officers need to be unpredictable in order to keep criminals guessing and off-balance. 

If criminals can anticipate an officer’s next move, they can more easily avoid getting caught. There are a number of ways security officers can be unpredictable, including their movements, actions, and communications. Officers should also keep their surroundings in mind and be prepared to change their plans on the fly. By being unpredictable, security officers can better protect themselves and those around them.


Working in a security company means that you are liable for protecting some specific areas and security checkpoints. So, all the routes and working patterns should be clear from the first day!

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