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Quality Link vs Quantity Links: Which is Better in 2021

Quality Link vs Quantity Links: Which is Better in 2021

What matters more: Quantity or Quality Links in 2021? Well, it’s an old topic of argument and still continues in 2021. If you have basic knowledge about SEO services, then you must be familiar with the importance of link building in the 21st century for successful business growth. Let’s look at which is more dominating in the year 2021: Quality Links or Quantity Links. 

The web is all about backlinks. Many are still arguing that quantity is more important than quality for business growth. But, everybody knows that quantity just increases the number, but quality adds weightage. It goes similarly in link building too. Creating backlinks in bulk will not provide long-lasting benefits to our website, and it also does not give preference to the quality of the content. If you want to get noticed on Google searches, you need to focus on the quality because Google also gives importance to quality. But before moving further, let’s take a brief look at the importance of link building and how backlinks work?

Link building and how important it is for website growth?

If you ask any search engine optimization specialist the best way to grow your website, he will only suggest you create backlinks. Yes, successful website growth indeed depends on backlinks and resource links. Let’s discuss how? 

Links play a crucial role in SEO and overall business growth. Link building is an important SEO Sydney strategy in 2021 that helps web pages rank on SERPs. Link building is a process of creating hyperlinks that navigate users to land on different web pages. Search engines only understand links and crawl websites accordingly to improve your organic search ranking. 

If you also want to create a win-win situation, then start focusing on link building. You can do that by guest posting, content promotion, content marketing, to get links on high authority resource pages. 

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Benefits of link building for business growth? 

The list of benefits of link building for SEO is very long, but here we tried to list a few of them for you.  

  1. Building quality links on various high authority sites increase trustworthiness, build relationships and prevent your website from spammy sites.
  2. Link building is the easiest technical way to rank your website without hurting Google’s algorithm. 
  3. Quality links online increase your site’s searchability and navigate visitors to reach your site without getting lost on the web. 
  4. Quality backlinks on websites increase a sense of authority and strengthen your online presence for the long run. 
  5. Quality links help to increase the engagement rate on your website and let people search more into your website for quality content. 
  6. Link building helps to get indexing of our website on search engines. 
  7. It will increase traffic to your website. 
  8. Quality backlinks will give long term benefits to your site. 
  9. Increase brand visibility and help to get customers. 
  10. Quality links also save your marketing cost.  

Conclusion: Quality or Quantity 

As we all know, diamonds aren’t as big as bricks, but they are much more expensive than that due to their quality. This goes the same for quality links over quantity. Quality links matter a lot more than quantity links because it will impact the quality of your website. 

As mentioned above, quality links will bring more visitors, customers, and readers because they come from relevant sources and quality sites. That’s why quality links and content is more important than quantity. If you create quality links, Google will reward you with top rank. At the same time, quantity links will provide only short term benefits and increase the spam rate on your site. 

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Many SEO experts are still using techniques to build quantity links on PBNs and link farms to rank a website, but it is against Google’s guideline. So, now the question is from where we can take quality links? 

Authoritative, trustworthy resource sites

You can find high authority and trustworthy resource pages and ask them to include your link on their page. 

Websites with domain .info, .edu, .org, .net, etc.

Websites with domain names ending with .edu, .org, .net, .info are the best place to get high-quality links. You can outreach to webmasters and approach them to give a link on their website. 

Websites with high domain authority and page authority

You can outreach to high authority websites that are dealing with the same business interest as yours to give a link to their existing article. 

Posting high-quality content links inserted into it

Posting high-quality, informative content is the best way to create quality links. Content marketing and posting will give you permanent high-quality links that may also attract new visitors to your site. 

Guest posting 

If you really want to earn quality backlinks, my recommendation is to go for guest posting. Guest posting builds relationships between the webmaster and you and also helps you to earn quality links.   

Some of the Terms used to find Guest post Sites (Keyword= “Travel”):

We have tried to clear all your doubts between quantity and quality, and now we are leaving  it up to you to decide what you want to choose, quality or quantity. 


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