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Are you fed up with hefty AC bills this summer? There are several reasons which contribute to increasing energy consumption. These may be dirty air filters, leaky ducts, faulty motors, or low refrigerant, which increase your AC bills. You should fix these problems timely to make your air conditioner run smoothly. For this purpose, you should schedule a routine of regular maintenance for your AC. You can book AC repair services in Dubai for effective servicing of your unit.

Reasons Your AC Bills are Increasing

Several AC problems can contribute to skyrocketing your air conditioner bills that should be fixed on time. Otherwise, these can develop into bigger issues that can cost you a hefty amount of money if not checked for a long time.

1. Dirty Air Filters

Your air conditioner unit possesses air filters that filter the air before it leaves the unit. But sometimes, due to lack of regular maintenance, these air filters are loaded with dust.

When the filters become dust-loaded, your air conditioner has to work hard. This can lead to more consumption of energy. More energy consumption increases your AC bills.

Therefore, you should keep your AC filters clean or dust-free. In this way, there will be no hindrance in the passage of cool air which will lead to less consumption of energy.

Diry filters not only make your AC work hard but also leads to the poor air quality of your home. The dust and dirt present on the filters can mix with your cool air.

When you inhale such polluted air, this can cause certain respiratory issues. Therefore, you should keep your air filters clean and dust-free.

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For this purpose, you can schedule a routine of regular maintenance. You can maintain your air conditioner unit on your own or book AC services in Dubai for effective and better servicing.

2. Leaking Ducts

The ducts in your house or office distribute cool air into the whole place. It plays a vital role in making your whole home cool.

Sometimes, these ducts break down due to corrosion and get cracks or holes. The cool air escapes from these holes making your air conditioner unit work hard to cool your house.

You have to keep your air conditioning system on for longer times for the desired cooling of your house. Hours-long running of your air conditioning system will lead to more consumption of energy.

More energy consumption causes your electricity bills to skyrocket. These heavy AC bills can make a dent in your wallet.

You may be on the lookout for ways to reduce your AC bills. The only solution is to repair your ducts so that no cool air leaves the ducts. In this way, you do not need to keep your AC switched on for hours.

So, you should keep inspecting your whole cooling network to find out the minor problems beforehand. And you can resolve them on time before they develop into big issues.

Book AC services to keep your air conditioning system in top condition. Professional technicians look into the matter and resolve your problem effectively.

3. Faulty Motors

In Pakistan, summers are very hot which means you are going to put a load on your air conditioning system. Long hot days of summer make you keep your air conditioning system running for the whole day.

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The days-long running of your system can cause malfunctions. Your indoor or outdoor motors may show faulty performance.

These motors may not dissipate heat from the surroundings and provide you with cool air. You may have switched on your air conditioning unit for hours but it does not cool down your house.

It is an indication that your AC’s motors are not working to their optimum level. You should inspect them if you have professional training and equipment.

If you do not know how to evaluate the progress of the motors, you should not make hypotheses on your own. Instead, book specialized AC repair personnel and get your unit repaired.

4. Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a fluid used in air conditioners to deal with the heat present in your house and remove it to keep your indoor atmosphere cool. It plays a vital role in cooling your home.

Sometimes, your refrigerant leaks due to a lack of maintenance. Low or absence of refrigerant can make your air conditioner’s cooling process slow.

Your system has to work hard to regulate the temperature according to the thermostat. In this way, it will increase energy consumption.

Increased energy consumption will increase your electricity bills. These heavy AC bills can make a dent in your wallet.

Therefore, book a skilled technician through Top Fixers to refill your refrigerant. He can identify the problem effectively and then he can rectify your problem. Also Visit our blog here.

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