Short Hairs extension, learn how to Style them

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Some women like to keep their hair short, and there is no doubt that they look playful and cute. There are plenty of ways in which you can style them. If you are going to work or a casual meeting, you shouldn’t only dress to impress and make a hairstyle that compliments it well. Hair extensions are a popular choice among women, so the brands are creating hair extension boxes that are attractive. In this post, we will be discussing short hair and how to style them appropriately.

1: Easy twist hairdo

It would help if you had a hair comb, spray, comb, and an elastic band for making this quick hairstyle at home. When you part your hair down from the middle, you can use the comb to detangle every layer. The next step will be to put on some spray, giving an excellent texture to the hair. Twisting the hair from the back and using pins on both sides will provide a neat look.

You can also create a change by using hair extensions, and it will give a modern look. There is no effort required, and you can place them along with your hair. The hair extension packaging are sturdy, and they can protect the hair stored inside the box. The best thing about custom hair extension boxes is that you can use many printing options on them and even print the name and logo of the company on the top.

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2: Cool pixie hairdo

When brands choose hair extension packaging, they make sure it is worthy enough to fit the product. Short hair is most commonly styled by putting hair extensions of good quality. For making this hairdo, you will need a mousse and a few drops of gloss cream. Combing it neatly will give an elegant look. You have to use a blow dryer in an upward motion, increasing the depth and volume.

3: Short curls

The luxury hair extension packaging is in high demand thanks to the benefits it brings to short hairstyles. You have to detangle each layer of hair with a good comb, and that should be done when you clip the upper portion of hair correctly. The bottom half of the hair should be divided and curved in different sections. Wait until the hair has cooled down, and that will be possible if you use the curling iron for about six seconds.

4: Bouffant

You can start up by making a bouffant most naturally. Using a good-quality curling iron will be the right choice for curling your hair. Backcombing should be done effectively, which will help add up the much-needed volume and, in the end, get the bouffant. You need to gather some hair from both sides of your head and finish the brilliant look. Most customers love printed hair extension boxes as general styling tips are printed. Most brands purchase wholesale hair extension boxes as they are economical and eco-friendly. These boxes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and a window cut out on the top can give the packaging a well-deserved look.

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5: French Twist

For a neat French twist, you need to divide your hair into three different sections. You need to take a hair layer from the front section, while backcomb will help add up the volume. Twisting the hair and pinning it over the neck will secure the French twists beautifully. The French twist is quite common, and you can flaunt this look at dinner or night out. The custom box printing, used for hair extensions, gives the brand much-needed recognition. The cosmetic and hair industry uses good quality cosmetic boxes and custom boxes to provide various product safety and protection.

6: Simple side braid

A simple side braid is a good option for short hair, and you will be surprised this style can beat it all when your hair is unwashed for many days. Braid each section of the hair, comb it and later secure it with an elastic band. If you can’t do it yourself at home, you can purchase custom hair extension boxes that have beautiful hair extensions inside. Hair extensions can make your hair look healthy, and they will shine brightly when you put spray on it. You can flaunt your silky and smooth hair among your friends.

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