7 Secret Tips To Ace Your Restaurant Social Media Marketing Efforts

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If there is one thing that requires a good advertisement more than anything, then it is the restaurant business.

For decades we have seen people believe in either word of mouth, leaflets, or even billboards for the purpose of getting the word out that there is a new restaurant.

But, today, we are living in a world of digital marketing, and if there is anything that gets the word out, then it is social media. A few influencers are talking, and some very aesthetically pleasing pictures of the interior, and you have clients lining up for you.

This is why you need a good social media team and ace the tricks and tips which will be able to help you ace your restaurant’s social media.

In this excerpt below, we will be giving you some of the tricks and tips which will be able to help you get through it.

What Are The Common Social Media Mistakes?

Social Media Mistakes

These are some of the common social media mistakes which you could be making, and this is probably restricting your growth.

Just Posting About Food: Yes, we understand it as a restaurant, but posting about food 24/7 is not helping your business. Your restaurant needs more character than some simple food items. There is something about showing the culture of your restaurants as well because your audience will dig it more.

Using One Social Media: Did you know that there is a world outside Facebook as well. This is the reason why you should get out of the realm and go exploring some other social media as well. This is why you should get a social media marketing manager, as they will help you manage all the applications better.

Not Posting Regularly: Let’s say you have all the social media, and it has received quite a good amount of accolades. But, if social media is not regularly maintained and you do not post frequently, it will soon die down.

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Let’s Discuss The Tips

Social Media Tips

Here are some of the best tips which you can implement for your next social media venture.

1. Photo sharing

For the restaurant business, food is your weapon. So what should you do? You should click mouthwatering pictures of the food items and post them on social platforms.

Apart from that, you can also click some significant pictures of the restaurant’s ambiance. It will be very effective to catch the customer’s attention towards your restaurant. People love to eat delicious foods in an amazing and comfortable place.

You can share those pictures or can create innovative content to post on your official website, Instagram handle, or Facebook.

Always update your customers by giving valuable information like newly added popular dishes or marvelous offers to celebrate the events such as Christmas or new year. In this way, you can understand that without social media, you can’t do social media marketing.

One such cafe in Texas America named Rosas Cafe is doing a phenomenal job in posting mouth watering pictures of their cuisine in social media which is attracting all of their customer base.

2. Running campaigns

Campaigns are one of the basic methods of marketing. How can you do social media campaigns? You can run interesting campaigns such as best picture competitions, quizzes, polls, and interesting offers to enable people with restaurants.

You can also announce check-in offers or contests on Facebook, Instagram, or the official website. This article talks about how to open a restaurant by doing Social Media Marketing.   

3. Geo-targeted Ads

It is very important for Social Media Marketing. You have to understand your target location. Do you want to target the local or national area? If you get the answers, then make your social media ads accordingly.

In this case, the restaurant can also offer by tagging geo-location stamps on their restaurants on social media platforms. It will help to get brand new customers. 

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4. Blogging

Blogging is a social media trend. Collaborating with bloggers is a good idea. You have to choose a large number of followers of food bloggers,  invite them to your restaurant, and make blog videos of your food quality, service quality and the location of restaurants, and how people can come to these restaurants. All of those factors can be covered in the blogging videos.

It is pocket friendly or not, people who can get satisfaction from this restaurant are included in the blogging content. 

5. Having a Google Plus Presence

It is very important for the restaurant business. It is a google product. It helps to get a high position on the search engine result page.

It can offer to post images, videos and there is a question- answers place where people can ask, and you can answer.

It will help you engage people with your restaurants.

6. Being Consistent

When you start Social Media Marketing, you have to maintain consistency. Your customers always expect that you are there to support them.

Always get in touch with them. It will grow the relationship between the customers and the restaurants.

7. Communication with customers

Just sharing the images of the best foods or posting some videos on a daily basis is not enough. You have to communicate with the customers.

Answers to the question that they ask, or you can do live videos where you can share your upcoming plan or your success story.

It is very effective for the customers and also the owners of the restaurant. 

Merge Restaurant with Social Media

Follow the social media trends and implement these on Social Media Marketing.

To increase customer engagement and enlarge your business, social media plays an essential role.

If you have other ideas, drop your ideas below or post on email or Facebook.

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