Student’s Handibook to Graphic Design

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Do you want to be a visual storyteller? Want to share your message through images and graphics? Graphic design is the best career path for you. As a graphic designer you combine images, words, and graphics to communicate with the online audience. There are different elements in graphic design including shape, color, line, and texture.

As a graphic designer you create everything, from postures, product packaging to logos. In short, you are responsible for creating a visual impression of the brand on the audience. For this to happen you have to join the graphic design summer training in Ambala.

Why You Should Choose Graphic Design As a Career?

Visual content leaves a bigger impact than the written word. It is what makes graphic designers an inseperable part of every digital marketing strategy. They help businesses communicate with the target audience using the power of visual design.

But, that is not all! There is a lot the career in graphic designing offers. This includes:

4 Reasons to Choose Graphic Design As A Career

Given below are 4 reasons for you to make graphic design a permanent career.

1. Impressive Salary

Do you want a career that pays well? Graphic design is a career where there is no end to how much you can earn. Although you get paid less salary during the start, with time and more skills you can easily move up in the payscale hierarchy. There will be a steep rise in salary level with the right skillset and experience.

2. Smooth Career Option

Choosing the career of graphic designer helps you build an impressive portfolio of your work. This portfolio sshowcases the client your true potential as a graphic designer. Moreover, the graphic designing job training in Ambala opens many doors of opportunities for you even as a fresher. The skills you learn in this paves the path for a bright and secure future.

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3. Each Day is Fun

Your life as a graphic designer will be one filled with colors. There is not one day where you feel bored of your job. One day you will design social media campaigns, the other an online ad for a brand. A constant flow of different projects keeps the creative juices flowing in your brain. In short, there is no end to how much you can do as a graphic designer.

4. Be Your Own Boss

There is no end to opportunties for you as a graphic designer. Right from working for a client to freelancing your way to setting up own graphic designing agency. There is no restriction for you to sit at a 9 to 5 job within a tight office space. You have the opportunity to freelance as a graphic designer. This is what makes the graphic design summer training in Ambala a great option.

That is not all! There are a whole lot of career options you can take up after completing the summer training in graphic design.

Career Options After Completing Graphic Design Training

Given below are the different career options you can choose from after completing the graphic design job training in Ambala.

  • Advertising art director

  • Animator

  • Artworker

  • Graphic designer

  • Creative director

  • Illustrator

  • Printmaker

  • Production designer for theatre, television and film

  • VFX artist

  • UX designer

  • Fine artist

  • CAD technician

For this to happen you have to follow all the right steps. Our experts have come up with a few steps to help you become a graphic designer with ease.

1. Learn Design Principles

For you to become a graphic designer, you should understand the different principles of graphic design. Creating an impressive graphic design requires a lot of planning and expertise in applying the different design principles.

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You should consider elements like lines, colors, shapes, space, texture, typography, scale, dominance, and emphasis. All these elements work together to create an impact and shape how the audience percevies you.

2. Sign Up for Graphic Design Course

You should join the graphic design summer training in Ambala to understand the fundamentals of design. Knowing this helps you develop skills to work on challenging projects. Enrolling in a graphic design course introduces you to mentors and peers who help grow your network. The majority of graphic design courses cover topics like color theory, typography, layout, and different graphic design tools.

3. Practice to Develop Skills

After completing the graphic design training it is time to put all that knowledge into practice. The best way to find out if you are ready or not is to practice and master the graphic designing software by creating your own projects. You can create mock ads and logos to get an idea of how much you know.


Graphic design is one such field that lets you use the creative streak within. Sign up for the graphic design job training in Ambala to understand everything about this creative field.

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