Three Effective Tips to Improve Your Brand Recognition

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"West Palm Beach, USA - September 15, 2012: A studio shot of a large assortment of canned foods piled two layers high and deep. Brands include Campbell's, Bush's, Green Giant, Del Monte, Bumble Bee, Chicken of the Sea and Hunts. Foods include baked beans, black beans, green beans, tomato sauce, corn, several varieties of soup, albacore, salmon, and sardines."

Millions of businesses all across the world struggle on a day-to-day basis. Although the reasons for business-related problems may differ for every business, brand recognition is one of the shared concerns. Every business wants its brand to be recognized by the customer at a single glance.

However, the competition in the market is endless. It can be hard for businesses, especially new endeavors to stand out in a saturated market. In such circumstances, brand recognition can be one of the biggest concerns for businesses, along with many other concerns.

After all, everyone understands that brand awareness is one of the most useful assets for businesses. The best brands around the world do not need to tell their customers who they are. They speak themselves through several visible techniques.

If you are not sure where to begin your brand recognition journey, here are a few effective tips that can help.

1. Build a Brand Voice

Before you tell people who you are and what you have to offer, you need to have a deeper understanding of your business. You cannot make a business stand out in a saturated market just by offering good products or services. Customers need a lot more to be attracted to your brand.

Of course, the tone can change according to the platform you are promoting on. For example, you cannot use the same tone on your website as you may be using on Instagram. Of course, a shift of tone is bound to happen. The key is to make sure that you keep your style and keywords consistent.

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2. Use Custom Packaging

Every customer is excited about receiving their package, especially when they order from a new place. You cannot blame them for being disappointed if they see a roughly wrapped package with a plain box inside. They need more to be excited and share their excitement with the world.

For example, if a customer orders an eye palate, they expect custom cosmetic packaging to be a reflection of the contents inside. This way, they are more likely to place an order from your store again. In addition, they may also share your products on social media. It can be very beneficial for newly growing brands.

Make sure that your custom packages reflect what your brand is all about. If you do not have any experience with creative packaging, you can also hire a professional illustrator to help you discover and finalize great options.

3. Share Your Brand Story

Newly emerging brands may think that no one is interested in listening to their origin story. However, that can be one of the biggest misconceptions. Sharing your brand’s origin story has proven to be very beneficial for brands in getting recognition and gaining potential customers.

Before you tell people about your brand or service, you must tell them about your motivation and passion behind creating your brand. This practice can help many potentials feels connected with their struggle and backstory. Hence your brand will be recognized widely.

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