TikTok Bets on a New Tool to Dominate Online Video

By Arslan Shah 4 Min Read

TikTok has been the fastest-growing social network globally in the last two years. The figures in some countries, like Mexico or even Brazil, broke records and registered an increase of more than 200%. Despite this, the Chinese platform is still looking for a new breakout, and the most recent was the launch of a tool that allows users to create stories on their profiles. The objective is to displace some of the main rivals, such as YouTube and Instagram, to become the enormous giant for online videos.


What is the new feature all about?


This new feature was recently announced but is not available in all countries. In any social network, the company tests in some places in advance to launch some time definitively later. TikTok confirmed that the tests started in 2021, but the official launch was only this year. Thus, the network gained a new alternative to creating videos, inspired by a very successful tool on Instagram.

Story creation is just another first for the Chinese social network, which has recently offered several innovative tools to users. For example, we talked about creating effects for TikTok and the editing library in the app. These are just a few news items that have garnered attention in recent months and have gained the stories tool to follow. We will only follow the effect in the long term since it is difficult to predict the future of social networks in the world.

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This happens due to the faster changes that usually occur on the Internet. This is the case of Facebook, which for a long time dominated social networks, but little by little, it was losing ground to some rivals. These changes motivated the growth of TikTok, which knew how to take advantage of the trend of online video consumption to grow in different countries. It is possible to predict an increase in 2022, especially with the arrival of stories on the platform.


TikTok – Online Video Mastery


In addition to symbolizing a confrontation with other social networks, TikTok stories also show that online video will continue to dominate the content published and consumed on the Internet. In most countries, a person consumes about 14 hours a month of publications in this format. According to the data, Mexico is the largest consumer in Latin America, displacing Brazil and Argentina. An interesting fact to understand is how TikTok managed to grow so fast.

Users can also celebrate these new developments as video content creation becomes more accessible. Besides the tools made available by the platforms themselves, some free video editors are also gaining attention. In other words, we will have an increasing variety of publications in this format, especially on social networks that are growing in number of users. We are talking about TikTok and Instagram.

However, that doesn’t mean everyone will get a lot of views. Competition on social media is also increasing, and creativity is the biggest differentiator. If anyone can create and edit a video, the script becomes more critical.

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Wrapping up


TikTok stories are an exciting new development, but it will take time to make a real impact. The Chinese social network believes that these innovations continue growing in different countries, even if copied. If we look at what has been done in the last two years, it is hard not to think it will be another success. The dispute over the dominance of online videos has gained yet another chapter in an exciting dispute for users.

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