Top 5 Best Tools For Online Streaming

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Covid-19 changed the world. From life leaving goods to entertainment, a lot has changed. Social isolation became part of our lives. 

In the media-entertainment sector, we find Online Streaming platform has grown rapidly. The streaming industry has almost 300% grown. 

Already, every sector tries to adopt this new norm. From tv shows, and movies to education, and news everything is available on digital platforms. 

If you name the online streaming platform- Amazon, Netflix, Disney+,9anime app, and the list so on.

In near future, the online streaming platform is the future. And the young generation is always attracted to streaming platforms. They love it and some of them want to build a career in it.

If you want to be a content creator and try to launch yourself in streaming media, you have to know what tools you need must. If you are looking for a tools-related article, here is the article for you. 


If you start with basic, you need something for stream. It can be your desktop, mobile phone, or laptop. The tools that you need, depend on what can you afford or what quality you want to give your customer.

A computer or desktop is the best option available in the market. It will give you the best quality and comfort for your customer. A laptop can do the same with a portable option. 

Besides, mobile can be an affordable option for you. Then you have to compromise with quality.

Video Cameras-

One of the most important and much-needed things is a video camera. You need a camera for your shoot. 

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If you are starting your journey in online streaming, I will recommend lower-end cameras. Although the lower-end camera does not come with loaded features, it will help to grow. With perfect lighting, the lower-end cameras can be the best. 

Moreover, it is your budget that mat6trs in camera selection. If you have enough money, then you can go with laded features. 

Audio Streaming Equipments-

Another much-needed thing is audio streaming equipment. It’s your face and voice that mostly affect your audience. It can be either good or bad. So as a streamer you need good quality audio streaming equipment. It can be improved with a 3.5mm audio mic.

Live Streaming Platform- 

Before you start recording, you have to choose a live streaming platform. This streaming platform market is vast.

So, streamers have to choose it very carefully. According to your need and content, the platform will be different.

Some famous live streaming platforms are Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Youtube Live. 


The encoder is another thing that you will need. Moreover, a good encoder can give you a different result. It’s a technical part of streaming. But I’m trying to keep it simple. 

The encoder can help you in different ways. Like you have to convert raw file from camera to digital file on the desktop. The encoder converts it with the quality intact. Besides, it can help you during the time of streaming. In streaming time if you faced buffering, the encoder can reduce it.


The youth want to grow future in the field of streaming platforms. Here is the opportunity to grow. If you are reading this article, means you stream at least a week in a year. 

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So, what are you waiting for? Go for these tools and start your live stream.

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