Trendy and Quirky Hanging Planters for Your Inside Garden 

By Zain Liaquat 5 Min Read

If you are someone who likes to nurture an inside home garden with various plants and flowers and are curious to know about the various hanging planters, this article is for you.

You might have seen your neighbor watering plants and flowers in hanging planters on their balcony or home. Such hanging planters are more innovative and are available in various styles and designs. There’s also a concept of DIY hanging pots where you can design your planters from scratch or get planters that you can install in your home. Most of them have a pot and hanging ropes attached to them. You can easily mount such planters on your balcony or in your home. Nurturing plants and flowers and maintaining them daily is a good hobby. And for such enthusiasts, there is a wide variety of hanging pots available.

These planters look awesome in your home garden and are eye catchy. These planters are nice to show off and can be a focal point in your house and create curiosity among guests. Plus it makes your house look elegant and fresh. Here we will be shedding some light on the different types of hanging planters for your home garden and how to use them.

Detachable Hanging Hooks

hanging pots

These are detachable pots made from strong metal material and these can be easily mounted on your balcony or window. There is enough space for the clay as well as the plants. These hanging planters can hold a reasonable amount of weight and even have holes at the bottom. Being detachable you can easily carry these planters anywhere in your home and easily mount them. The design of the hook and pot is simple and will be loved by someone who likes simplicity.

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Macrame Hanging Planters

hanging planter

Made from a fabric called macrame, these hanging planters depict traditional designs and art. Mostly handmade these macrame planters reflect the creative side and these designs are a good example of expert craftsmanship. The fabric is strong and can hold a decent amount of weight. Usually, pots are placed inside the macrame design and the fabric holds it.

The macrame fabric is expertly woven and turned into a design that looks artistic. These types of planters are 100% eco-friendly and sturdy and durable. So, if you are a fan of art and like creativity too, these planters are for you.

Planters With Stand

hanging pots with plants

Usually, hanging planters are hung to the roof or on hooks but if you want a separate stand to hold your planter then you can, of course, get one. These can be of metal or are mostly made of wood.

These kinds of planters can be placed anywhere in your home or on your balcony. The design is simple and the pots rest properly on the rope attached to the stand. You can get various simple designs and each one of these stands makes your planter look beautiful. You can easily clean these planter stands with a slightly damp cloth and wipe away the dust.

The Hanging Pots

hanging plant pots

This is the common category of hanging planter sand that can be found in the majority of households. Usually, the pots are made of metal but pots made of clay are also widely used.

These hanging pots have a metal attachment and a rope that holds the planter. You can easily mount these planters in the corner of your room or on the hook on the balcony. These look exceptionally well and can be the center of attraction.

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Metal Hanging Planters

hanging planters indoor

You can find some good metallic designs in these types of planters. Usually, they have a metal pot that is at the center and some metallic circular rings that cover the central pot. The design looks exceptionally well and makes the aura of your room pleasant. Available in various styles and designs these can be a good fit for your lively home.


Planting is a nice hobby to nurture and maintaining a home garden is always enjoyable. You can get hanging planters online to make your home garden as you want.

These hanging planters change the aura of your room and it feels fresh and pleasant. Be it a metal planter or a clay planter each one of those can nurture your plant and flowers as you want them to.

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