Webtoon’s CEO sees massive growth and new opportunities in the U.S. market

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Last time, the entire US Comics assiduity – on all publishers, stripes and channels, newspapers, graphic novels and digital – according to Comicron / ICv2, reached 1.28 billion. That number is close to the 2020 profit of a single platform that has been selected as the emerging global generation of comics suckers.

Webtoon xyz, the mobile digital comics app that set up the first compendium in Asia, now counts the United States as its fast-growing application, with annual readership surpassing any other comics medium. Or reduced the format. Webtoon has just hooked up with two well-known American brands, DC Comics and Archie, as it is actually trying to expand the application.

Despite this success, the South Korean company remains a mystery to American comics. Then, for the first time in a long time, Webtoon author and global CEO Junkoo Kim spoke to the English-language publication about the company’s growing results and strategy for moving forward.

The App Ground comics platform

Now an attachment to Korean tech mammoth Navarro, has invented a vertically scrolling false format suitable for compendium for exploring attractive, serial stories in a wide range of mobile biases and strips. Is. The service was launched in the United States in 2014 and has established a large, very busy follow-up to a large number of young compendums, including its Lore Olympus, Tower of God, Let’s Play, Related Korean material (“K-comics”). Anxious for a regular solution. And thousands of other curated and stoner-created titles from around the world.

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According to the company, Webtoon now pulls in over 72 million active drugs (14 million in the US) annually, posting revenue of over US $ 100M per month. GenZ and Young Millennials contain 75 Webtoon drugs worldwide, and 70 drug users under the age of 24 in the United States. Of the Webtoon drugs, 58 are for women.

Those demographics are significantly different from those of the American journal Comics. Currently the maturity of profit deals comes from Korea and Japan, in which the United States ranks third, but the company sees US demand catching up to 3-5 times Asia in the current growth rate.

Webtoon Entertainment was invented by Junkoo Kim. Who now serves as global business CEO. We talked through a practitioner. Our discussion has been edited for length and clarity.

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Junkoo Kim, Webtoon Author / CEO COVID-19 Despite the effects. We’ve seen a lot of growth, because you can use our content anywhere. We see the growth of the number of generators and the number of compendium on the platform in two ways. During the epidemic, we saw a dramatic increase in the number of generators and the amount of material. This has led to an increase in compounding and profits.

What is behind the recent deals with RS DC and Archie?

JK has many benefits. We’ve developed a fairly young following for our existing content. DC (and Archie) will be able to reach the mobile generation compound in this new format. Webton Compendium will be a great way. To see DC characters through new content and new types of stories. And it will be really encouraging to see how they respond.

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RS So are these Webtoon generators telling stories with DC characters.

RS Finally, a special question, Mr. Kim… You’ve turned Webtoon into a great global miracle and a salable hysteria. Are comics still good for you?

JK (in English, without the help of a practitioner) Of course! Love this job! I started this company just to see more of my favorite comedy. Will do this only because I want to see more comics, more web tones. I am doing my stylish not for Pluto, not for fame, but only for that. Honestly, I’ll just do it for myself!

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