Why Brands Should Take the Long View on Customer Reviews

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Customer review satisfaction feedback survey concept. User give rating to service experience on online application. Customer can evaluate quality of service leading to reputation ranking of business.

It’s not difficult to see that the COVID-19 virus has caused a dramatic increase in online sales over the past two years.

But brands and retailers may not be aware of the role online reviews have in enhancing the visibility of their products, improving their quality and sales.

“It’s going to be really hard to rank higher than your competition if you don’t have reviews,” says Dhiraj Nallapaneni who is a product writing for marketing at Birdeye Review Management, a review management software company.

“Just to stress this point that 92 percent of buyers review online before making a buying decision. It’s going to be difficult or to be harder than it has to be — to bring potential customers into your company without reviews. The question is how do you generate review reviews?”

Birdeye’s Online Reviews

Birdeye’s “2021 State of Online Reviews” report reveals that the majority of reviews are posted on Google 45 percent of requests for review were made via text messaging and retail companies received more reviews than any other sector in 2020.

But having reviews on their own isn’t enough. PowerReviews an online company which handles feedback and reviews reports that 97 percent of people consider recency of reviews to be at a minimum important when deciding to purchase. More than fifty percent (44 percent) are looking for reviews written within the past month.

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Brands and Retailers Mistake

“Based on our results from our survey it isn’t the situation. The factor of recency is equally important to consumers. Review collection isn’t a ‘one and done’ task It’s something that has to be ongoing. In addition it is true that if a company and/or retailer are collecting a consistent stream of reviews The overall volume will continue to earn dividends in conversion.”


Shoppers and Department Store

More than 2 out of 5 (42 percent) read reviews of customers to judge a clothing’s size and fitting.

Trust pilot Online Review Platform

Trustpilot, an online review platform, held an online webinar entitled Bad Reviews Happen, and states that how they’re handled can make an enormous difference.

“Over a third of consumers expect a response to their bad reviews,” claims the Trustpilot’s Theo Robson, business development manager. “When customers leave feedback, they’ren’t just ranting on the internet about their negative experience. They’re opening the door and asking you to take action, respond and begin a conversation with them. They’re hoping that you’ll be able to take note, assist and gain from their experience.”

The public is aware that companies don’t address concerns from consumers. Actually most apparel customers (84 percent) have said that when they read multiple negative reviews that cite the same issue, they won’t buy the product even if they really desired to purchase it, in the latest 2020 Customer Comment survey. They also would be discouraged from purchasing when they read a number of bad reviews each one citing an issue that is distinct (50 percentage).

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Chances for Companies

“Using the names of their customers and signing their name is crucial. If you can personalize the message it’s great.”

Birdeye’s Nallapaneni states that under no circumstance should companies or retailers purchase reviews.

Tips for You

“But this is a major risk , and it could backfire. There’s a chance of being fined from the FTC. There’s a chance of being penalized for your position in the search results of Google but more importantly, you’re putting at risk the opinion of your customers about your company. No one can promote your company as well as your customers, and nobody is able to make up that voice of the customer. It’s not difficult to discern whether a review is genuine or not Don’t try to do this.”

Review software is able to automate this process. Nallapaneni states that businesses who automated reviews typically see an increase of 8 percent in revenue after six months.

Birdeye Statement

All businesses should keep reviewing their online reviews, and respond promptly to feedback — both good as well as bad.”

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