Why Should You Grow Hemp?

The hemp industry is thriving. There has been a consistent uptick in production, usage, and overall excitement about this potent plant ever since the growing of hemp plants was permitted, provided the THC level in the leaves and flowers does not exceed 1%.

Hemp is farmed for hundreds of various consumer items and uses, including cosmetics, tinctures, clothing, and even food. Hemp’s popularity has skyrocketed because of the uses to which it may be put, from the flowers and leaves to the stems and seeds.

The value of the worldwide market for industrial hemp was predicted to reach $4.71 billion in 2019. Hundreds of farmers have submitted applications to begin cultivation.

However, cultivating your own hemp doesn’t need you to be a farmer; you can invest in a hemp grow kit. Hemp, in fact, is a fantastic herbal ally that is not only easy to grow but also provides many advantages to the hobbyist cultivator.

What is Hemp?

Sativa plants, of which hemp is a variety, are the source of cannabis. Marijuana, another strain of the same species, is frequently used as a context through which to understand hemp. They may have the same botanical ancestor, but these two strains of cannabis couldn’t be more distinct from one another. Use, chemical makeup, and cultivation methods are the main ways to tell the two apart.

Industrial hemp is grown by using the hemp grow kit in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, including but not limited to dietary supplements, food, drinks, personal care items, fabrics and textiles, paper, construction materials, and other manufactured and industrial goods.

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The Benefits of Hemp Seeds

Promotes Heart Health

To a large extent, hemp seeds contribute to a healthy cholesterol balance, which benefits heart health. Possibly the only plant capable of guaranteeing a certain ratio of saturated fats, avoiding atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Amino acids, especially Arginine and Gamma-Linolenic, contribute to reduced inflammation, decreased blood pressure, and enhanced cardiovascular health.

Benefits the Digestive System

If you’re looking for a good source of fibre, go no further than hemp. Hemp seeds’ high fibre content helps keep the digestive system moving smoothly. Fibre from hemp seeds reduces cholesterol and helps the body feel fuller for longer.

A Plant-Based Protein That is Complete

If you’re looking for a plant-based alternative to animal proteins like eggs, milk, and fish, go no further than hemp seeds. Because the body can’t make them on its own, things like muscular strength, healing, building stamina, losing weight, reducing stress, and a whole lot more rely on hemp seeds as a rich source of necessary amino acids.

Reduces Sleeplessness

To calm your nerves and help you sleep, all you need is a handful of hemp seeds, which are rich in the mineral magnesium. Eating only one serving of hemp seed may meet half of your daily magnesium needs.

Weight Reduction 

Hemp seeds are a favourite among dieters since they are low in calories, salt, and fibre and are a complete protein source. Even while fibre improves food absorption, the protein makes you feel fuller, preventing the production of Ghrelin and reducing appetite.

It Controls Hormones

Gamma-linolenic acid, found in hemp seeds, regulates hormone production in the thyroid and pancreas and alleviates the emotional and physical symptoms of menopause and pancreatic dysfunction.

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Hemp may be grown as a cash crop with a hemp grow kit due to its rapid growth and low maintenance requirements. Although it shares a genus with marijuana, Cannabis sativa, it does not contain psychoactive quantities of the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 


By John Paul

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