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Why You Should Use a Commercial Locksmith Service

Why You Should Use a Commercial Locksmith Service

A commercial locksmith is a professional who can handle a variety of tasks. These professionals can install master key systems and repair malfunctioning locks. They can also make copies of your existing keys. A locksmith is trained to handle high-security locks. In addition, they are trained to handle broken and malfunctioning locks. By using their services, you can ensure that your business and your assets are secure.

They are certified to handle high-security locks

If you need a lock replacement or installation, look for a commercial locksmith service that is certified to handle high-security locks. High-security locks are more expensive to break, so it’s important to hire a professional to ensure your property’s safety. Luckily, many manufacturers have designed hardware that can be retrofitted to your existing lock hardware. This means you can save a lot of money by going with compatible hardware.

Commercial locksmith services are well-trained and specialized in handling high-security locks. They can also produce keys for these locks. High-security locks usually contain active mechanisms that cannot be opened with a standard key. They must be checked by a testing facility to ensure they meet all of the requirements.

A certified commercial locksmith service will also install panic exit devices, such as crash bars, in buildings to aid in rapid evacuation. These devices can be a life saver during an emergency, and are recommended for hospitals and schools. A commercial locksmith can install panic exit devices and install door hardware to ensure the safety of your employees and clients.

They can install master key systems

A master key system is a great security and convenience feature that allows you to control which employees have access to certain areas. The master key can be programmed to operate a variety of locks, including high-security locks. It saves you time and money by giving the designated employees access to only the areas they need.

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Master key systems are especially useful for businesses with multiple locations, as they can allow employees to use the same key for multiple locations. They also make it easy for managers to grant access to higher level employees to different offices. However, it is important to note that building a master key system is complex and should only be done by a licensed locksmith. There have been instances of unscrupulous contractors stealing master key information during installation, so it’s important to only use a reputable company.

A master key system is an excellent security solution for businesses of all sizes. A master key system establishes a multi-tiered security framework, with the business owner getting a grand master key that opens all the locks on the business property. Other employees can be assigned area keys, such as office workers or warehouse workers. The business owner also has full access to all areas. A master key system allows for custom programming and as many tiers of privileges as necessary. This makes it a simple, modular security solution for businesses of any size and complexity.

They can repair malfunctioning locks

If your business uses locks to secure its property, it is important to have reliable locks in place. A malfunctioning lock can prevent your employees, clients, and other property owners from gaining access. It can also cause serious damage to your property, so getting a professional locksmith to fix it is a must. Depending on the problem, your locksmith may need to replace the whole lock or just a few parts.

Mechanical issues with locks can be caused by wear and tear, and by tampering. You can often get a replacement part at a hardware store, but if your lock is high-security, you should call a locksmith to repair it. For a more complex problem, you may need a specialized locksmith.

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In addition to fixing malfunctioning locks, a locksmith can also install electronic access systems. These include keypad and remote systems, as well as proximity card readers. Electronic locks allow businesses to track who enters and exits their premises, which can be advantageous in a burglary situation.

They can create copies of your existing key

If you have a high employee turnover or need to make a large number of copies of an existing key, a commercial locksmith service can help. A locksmith can create copies of car keys, house keys, or padlock keys. While many padlocks have Yale Keys, some others cannot be duplicated.

Many locations have key copying machines. These machines use a machine called a key cutter to copy a key. The machine physically traces the target key, which drives a cutting wheel that interacts with a blank key. In the past, key copying was a locksmith-only job, but technology has advanced dramatically in the past 15 years. For non-high security keys, the process requires only a minimal level of skill. Common blanks are used.

Key cloning is a convenient and affordable way to replace lost or stolen keys. However, it is not the best option when it comes to security, as cloned keys cannot be recognized by the vehicle’s computer. Moreover, some keys are patent-protected and cannot be duplicated.


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