Wooden sleds, bob sledges, or snow slides – what is the greatest tobogganing fun?

By Arslan Shah 7 Min Read
Surely you remember earlier when you liked to romp in the snow as a child. Snowball fights, building snowmen, tobogganing… All this is still very popular with children today. However, the utensils for this have changed slightly. Especially with the sledge, there was much less choice back then than there is today. Which sledges are currently popular and which of them is the most fun? We have selected three variants for you, which we would like to introduce to you here.

What characterizes a wooden sledge?

The wooden sledge is still the classic. It is particularly robust and has a very long shelf life. In addition, it can withstand a load of up to 180 kg. So you can even ride together with your child on the sled. Or two adults can sit on it. However, it is problematic if there is only a little snow. Because the wooden sledges ride best when there is a lot of solid snow. In powder snow, you can hardly make any progress. On an uneven and hard surface, you should also not load it too heavily, otherwise there is a risk that the sled will simply break. alo read: cordless wipe warmer The woodcuts you get it many different variants and especially sizes. So there are small and short sleds for the younger ones and large sleds, even with backrests for several people. Some have horns at the front that you can hold on to well. Which design and size you need depend on the personal taste and age of the children. And of course also about how you want to use it – for tobogganing alone or as a couple?

What distinguishes a bobsleigh sled?

A bobsleigh sled is less robust than a wooden sled, but still popular for many reasons. Because it is much lighter and faster and can score points, especially in the soft snow, in which the wooden sled practically hardly makes any progress. In addition, it is much easier for the children to pull a light bobsleigh up the slope than a heavy wooden sled.
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In addition, the bobsleds usually have additional functions such as a steering wheel with controllable runners or even side brakes. However, these funny features are not entirely unproblematic, as the plastic construction is not always up to the child’s forces. This makes it easy to break off the steering wheel. Also, the brakes are not particularly accurate and may not achieve the desired effect. And the runners and brakes can leave deep furrows in the snow, which quite quickly destroys the surface of the track.

What characterizes a snow slide?

The snow slider is the cheapest and lightest option. They consist practically only of a seat with a handle. They are also available in the form of a sliding plate with side handles and a recessed seat. These snow sliders are easy to transport and work well. The disadvantage, however, is that the slide is less comfortable than the plate. In addition, you or your child must always keep their feet up in order not to brake accidentally. This may give a good abdominal muscle training, but rather muscle soreness. On the large slide plates, on the other hand, even the feet fit on it. Which plate is best for you and your children, you should therefore simply try.

Which sledge or snow slide brings the greatest tobogganing fun?

You have a wide selection of sleds, snow sliders, inflatable bobsleighs or even racing sleds here. But not all models are suitable for every child. We have mentioned the most popular ones for you above, but for which target group are they best suited?
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The best sledge for all ages

For the youngest, a baby or children’s sled is an option. These baby sleds can score above all with their safety precautions. They are light and usually made of plastic, in addition to side and backrests as well as a belt. The children’s sledges are either also made of lightweight plastic or wood. However, they are smaller than sledges for adults. Some plastic sleds or bobsleds have a racing design and are equipped with a steering wheel and a brake.

Which sledge in which snow conditions?

As already mentioned, not every sled works equally well at every snow depth. If there is little snow or light powder snow, you should use a light sled or bobsleigh. The slide plates are also ideal, as they hardly sink in and therefore work well even with little snow. With a lot of hard snow, you can use a heavy wooden sled.

Which sled can withstand the most?

Here, the robust wooden sled clearly has the edge. If you toboggan frequently and a lot, you should buy a sturdy wooden or metal sled or buy a good slide plate. For rare use, the inexpensive plastic bobsleighs are also sufficient. However, they usually only last one or two winters.

Which sledge for which purpose?

For rapid descents, a racing or bobsled is ideal. Safety includes a brake and a steering wheel. For cozy little slopes “behind the house” the other presented sledges are also suitable. On holiday, pay attention to which ski resorts and on which slopes your preferred sledges are approved. website: https://babyswingclub.com/

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