Master PUBG Mobile’s Skyhigh Spectacle-Themed Mode

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With PUBG Mobile’s 6th-anniversary celebration raging on, their new Skyhigh Spectacle-themed mode is a hit with players. PUBG Mobile veterans and beginners alike are diving head first into Nimbus Islands and the secrets of the Arabian Nights-inspired game mode.

And even if you’ve played the new themed mode a couple of times already, there are still a lot of secrets and things you may not know about. So today, we’re showcasing some of the best tips & tricks to mastering the new themed mode. 

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Let’s jump right into some of the most important tips you need to know about the Skyhigh Spectacle-themed mode!

Raid Treasure Vaults Regularly

With the PUBG Mobile update in version 3.1, the game added in ‘Treasure Maps’ that will show up on the map highlighting areas where you can find buried treasure with gear. But digging up these buried treasures can also contain ‘Vault Keys’ if you’re lucky. 

It’s already worth hunting down these treasure crates for the supplies and loot, but the Vault Keys of PUBGM are the real treasure you should be looking for. Once you get your hands on a Vault Key, travel to the nearest Treasure Vault. 

They’ll be highlighted on the map for you already. Open up the Treasure Vault to find some loot and rare supplies! 

The Flying Carpet 

One of the best new additions in the PUBG Mobile Skyhigh Spectacle mode is the Flying Carpet, the brand new flying vehicle that has you shoot through the sky on a dancing magical carpet! The best part is the Flying Carpet can be brought out from your backpack and stored back when you’re done.

This gives you a great way to maneuver and get around the map quickly!

Every match, try and find a Flying Carpet to bring around with you. Don’t forget to store it back in after you get off! But even if you leave it somewhere, you can aim at it from afar to call it back to you! 

Pick Your Poison; Loot Spots

PUBG Mobile Skyhigh Spectacle is filled with various spots to find rare and high-level loot. The first thing you should do is decide where you’re going to loot first. For the long game of PUBGM, the Treasure Vault should be your end-game destination for the best loot. 

In the early-mid game, the Sky Treasure Ship and Festive Towns are your best bet.

Festive Towns are the most accessible since there’s a lot to check out and loot here without too much commotion from other players who’ve opted for the Treasure Ship or Nimbus Island. 

There’s also a secret vault that you can open by stepping on pressure plates hidden in the town. These small vaults can house Level 3 protective gear so they’re worth checking out. 

The Nimbus Island Genie

One of the highlights of the PUBG Mobile Skyhigh Spectacle mode is the Nimbus Islands, a great place to quickly engage in firefights and find some loot in every match. But did you know there’s a hidden genie you can summon on Nimbus Island?

Summoning the genie will provide your entire team with special respawn cards and plenty of high-tier loot. This will be one of the most highly contested spots on Nimbus Island, but you’d be surprised how many players ignore the genie in some matches. 

That said, those are some of our tips for mastering the new PUBGM Skyhigh Spectacle-themed mode but there’s plenty more we haven’t mentioned. Try your hand at every new waypoint on the map and take advantage of all the new items to dominate every match!

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