Top 3 Agents in Valorant

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Are you here in search of top Valorant agents? Do you want to know which agents should you unlock? If yes then worry not. We have got you covered. In this article, you will find who are the top 3 agents in Valorant.

Choosing the right agent in Valorant is a difficult task because their abilities do not always remain the same. You will notice a change in the performance of your agents with the release of every patch update as agents at times are buffed or nerfed. Therefore, you need to be very cautious while choosing the agents in Valorant.

In Valorant, agents are placed in different tiers that are S – Tier (Top Tier), A – Tier (High Tier), B – Tier (Mid Tier), C – Tier (Low Tier), and D – Tier (Bottom Tier). That means your top agents lie in S – Tier.


Based on the latest patch and reviews by Valorant expert players, below are the top 3 Valorant agents:

1. Omen

Omen is the top controller in Valorant. With Omen, you can manipulate the battlefield using his dark and teleportation powers. You can use his Shrouded Step to teleport to a nearby location, providing both offensive and defensive utility. Plus, you can also blind enemies through walls, disrupting their positioning and pushing strategies using his Paranoia ability. 

If you choose Omen you will also have a strategic vision control because his Dark Cover creates smoke screens thus giving you a strategic edge. From the Shadows ability you will be able to teleport anywhere on the map, granting unparalleled map presence. As his attributes are diverse and allow you to surprise your enemy on multiple fronts, you should definitely have Omen in your agent pool.

2. Raze

Raze is an amazing duelist. She is known for her aggressive playstyle and ability to create chaos on the battlefield. Her arsenal includes Blast Pack is a mobility-focused ability for quick repositioning or aggressive pushes so she can move freely. But, with the release of patch 8.01, you need to one thing in mind; she is now no longer a silent threat to enemies. After the audio update is introduced enemies will know that Raze is rampaging in their area. Plus, Paint Shells are the best grenades in Valorant. She uses them for disrupting enemy positions and flushing them out. You can also use her Boom Bot. It is a deployable robot that seeks out enemies, forcing opponents to reveal their positions or take damage. This is good for scouting and gathering info. Last but not least Raze’s Showstopper is the ultimate treat. It is a rocket launcher that deals massive damage, making it a formidable force during pivotal moments. Raze is an excellent choice for players who enjoy high-energy, fast-paced gameplay.

3. Skye

No matter what others say Skye is the best initiator in Valorant. Yes, there are some updates that diminished some of her powers to bring other agents into the limelight. But, despite that, she remains on the top among all initiators in Valorant. Her best feature is Guiding Light. She Skye releases a Tasmanian tiger trinket that can be guided through the air, blinding and concussing enemies in its path. This ability provides valuable intelligence and disrupts enemy positions, setting the stage for strategic pushes or defenses. But, now it won’t recharge during a game. And, the flash will automatically activate at the end of its lifetime. Apart from this, she will also help you in tracking using her Seekers. She can keep an eye on the 3 nearest enemies. This powerful tool disrupts enemy plans and provides crucial information on their positions. Plus, you can also capitalize on her healing capabilities. She has a healing trinket that gradually restores health to herself and nearby allies in its radius.


Below are some agent recommendations for different roles in Valorant


  • Skye
  • Sova
  • Breach


  • Omen
  • Viper


  • Killjoy
  • Sage


  • Raze
  • Jett


You need to consider several factors to choose the right Valorant agent. A strategic approach involves considering both Maps and Agent Suitability as well as broader Agent Selection Criteria. First and foremost, understand the nuances of each map. Agents with abilities that align with the specific dynamics and objectives of a map can provide a significant advantage. 

Consider the size of the map, sight lines, and key choke points when making your choice. Secondly, focus on your play style, team composition, and the roles required. This strategic approach will not only enhance your individual but also foster effective teamwork.


These agents allow you to win games at ease. I have already showcased you the top characters to enhance your Valorant gameplay and give you free RR. 

My top agent in Valorant is Raze, and yours? 

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