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What Is cPanel Server Management & What Are Its Advantages?

Cpanel Server Management

The cPanel web hosting control panel is based on Linux and includes automation tools for its graphical user interface (GUI). This three-tiered control panel enables administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners to manage several aspects of website and server management using a regular web browser. Its primary objective is to simplify the process of website hosting.

Once installed, cPanel cannot be uninstalled, regardless of whether it is authorised to operate on a dedicated server or a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Removing this panel, however, requires a complete server reformat. Additionally, this panel may be deployed on a minimally configured operating system.

What is cPanel Server Management?

WHM, or Web Host Manager, is a web-based application used by resellers and both types of server administrators to manage hosting accounts on a web server. In addition to root administrator access, WHM provides users with reseller privileges and permissions to utilize its features.

Through WHM, the server administrator may update and recompile Apache and PHP, add Perl modules, and upgrade RPMs already installed on the server. In addition, IP management and changing the root password are vital for cPanel Server Management, and WHM streamlines these tasks significantly.

cPanel Server Management Advantages

The cPanel Server Management is proud of its robust data security, which enables rapid upgrades and patch releases to improve new features, security, and stability. In terms of cPanel Server Management Companies, there are some participants. They provide services for account migrations, cPanel server hardening, and any other needs specific to your cPanel-based server.

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