How to do D Link Router Firmware Update?

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D Link router firmware update process is fairly simple. All you need is a working PC, an internet connection, and access to D Link router setup page. However, even then, users commit a lot of mistakes that makes the whole process problematic. To help them, we have created a small and simple guide to do Dlink router firmware update.

So, it would be a perfect decision to upgrade the outdated firmware version of your router. Apart from that, following the correct sequence will help you execute seamless firmware update process. Keep reading.

Updating D Link Router Firmware

Download Latest Firmware

Start with downloading the latest D Link router firmware. To do that, launch a web browser and download the firmware as per your router model. Make sure that the firmware is compatible with the hardware and software of the router you are using.

Save the File

Wait for the file to get downloaded. Once it is complete, choose a location on your computer to save the file. Extract it so that you don’t find it difficult to save on your local storage. Make sure to keep the file in a location from where it is easily accessible.

In case the file is too large, you can always compress it. Hence, numerous compressing tools will come at your rescue.

Turn on Router

Plug your D Link router into a power socket. Press the power button. If the router doesn’t start, tap the start button on your router. Further, ensure that the power socket is in perfect condition. The electric current should be consistent and stable.

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Further, they must not be any sudden surges of power. That can damage the electric circuit of your D Link router.

Connect With Modem

When the router has turned on, connect it to the host modem. To link them, there are two methods. In the first method, an Ethernet cable comes to your rescue. So, connect the cable to the router on one side and to the modem port on the other side.

The second method deals with establishing a wireless connection between the devices. In this method, the distance between the devices should be adequate. It must not be too less or too much.

Choose the Ideal Location

The ideal location to place your router is the next when you update the router firmware. So, observe the centermost location in your house. Free it from devices likes microwaves, T.V., baby monitors, and cordless phones.

Further, keep things like mirrors, fish tanks, metal studs, washing machines, etc. away from the router. While choosing a location for router placement, avoid corners, wall cabinets, and windows.

Access Web Browser

Once again, you need access to a web browser. It will be used to open router setup page. So, the web browser should be up to date. Also, it must be compatible with the computer or laptop you are using.

In short, the chosen web browser should be stable. There should not be any crashes when you try to access the default router login page.

Type in Default Web Address

Enter dlinkrouter.local on the web browser. While doing so, do not commit even a single mistake. Also, make sure that you enter the web address in the address bar only. Avoid using the search bar to type in the data.

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There should not be any mistakes while entering the web address. Further, turn off the Caps Lock key as well. All these tips will minimize the risk of error. Press the Enter key after filling in the details.

Log on to D Link Router

You will be directed to the router login page. Hence, get hold of your default router login credentials. On the other hand, enter the customized username and password if you changed them. Make sure there are no errors while typing the data in the allocated spaces.

Click the Log In button after you are done enter the login details. Thus, you get access to D Link router setup page.

Open Tools Bar & Click on Firmware

Once you are on the router dashboard, open Tools Bar and maneuver to the Firmware option. Click on the Check now to upload the downloaded file. Browse to the location where you saved your file. Choose and upload it.


Once the file uploads, reboot your D Link router. That’s it! You have performed D Link router firmware update. Hence, you can enjoy faster and stable internet connection around you.

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