10 Ways to Care for your Glasses

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We are frequently advised to look after our eyes. We’re instructed to give them breaks when browsing the web, to eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins A and C, to have frequent eye exams, to wear sunglasses in the sun, and so on. When your eyesight is impaired and you use glasses, the spectacles become your windows to the world because they allow you to see properly. As a result, it’s just as vital to look for ways to care for your glasses as it is to look after your eyes. 

Furthermore, eyeglasses, are no longer merely for correcting eyesight; they’ve become a fashion statement. Here are some pointers on how to properly care for your glasses:

Before Cleaning, Rinse Well

Even if you’re using a solution to wipe your glasses, firstly rinse them with water. This cleans the lenses of all grit and debris particles. When you rub the dirt particles off your dry glasses, they might scratch them and you wouldn’t even know how to remove scratches from glasses.

Select The Appropriate Fluid

If you’re wiping your glasses with a chemical solution, be sure it’s exclusively for that purpose. Never wipe the glasses of your spectacles using chemicals intended for cleansing other displays, such as your pc screen, tv screen, or floor cleaners.

The Proper Fabric

What does a wet wipe or napkin feel like against your skin? Isn’t it gentle? However, just because something feels gentle on the skin doesn’t imply it may be utilized to wipe your eyewear glasses.

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Also, avoid wiping your glasses using your current clothing, such as a linen t-shirt or tunic, or even a towel. These clothing are undoubtedly nice and made entirely of cotton, yet they may be covered with dust and grime.

A Good Case

Maintaining your eyewear in the case which came with them is one of the best ways to care for your glasses. Only the cover designed for them keeps the glasses protected. The case must be the right size for the specs, not too big or too tiny.

They Should Not Be Kept Just Anywhere

Do not leave your glasses somewhere, even if you are only taking them off for a few minutes. Most essential, never leave your spectacles on a table with the glasses contacting. This will result in several scratches on the glasses, forcing you to purchase new eyewear because you wouldn’t know how to remove scratches from sunglasses.

Frequently Wash

The clearer your eyeglass is, the sharper you will see and the healthier your eyes will be. So make it a daily practice to wash your glasses. Alternatively, you can wipe your lenses with a dry towel.

Change Your Glasses Often

With the advancement of engineering, new types of lenses become available in the industry every few weeks. These more stylish glasses are not only fashionable, but they also shield your eyes from hazardous radiation emitted by technologies such as laptops and cell phones.


Replace your eyewear if the glasses have several scratches on them. Scratched eyeglasses will cause more damage than good. As a result, it is preferable to change them with fresh ones. This is what eye specialists recommend as one of the ways to care for your glasses.

They Should Not Be Worn On Your Head

Placing eyewear on the head rather than your eyes is pretty unique and cool. This is a current trend. However, we often overlook the fact that keeping glasses like this affects the lenses. Because our scalp and hair contain so many bacteria and particles, the lenses will become much dirtier.

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Avoid Exposing Them To Sunlight

Suppose you’re outside with your pals on a bright day at a patio restaurant, and you take off your specs and set them on a tabletop where they would be subjected to sun for an extended period. Be careful since this will destroy the lenses’ outer covering.

Additional Ways To Care For Your Glasses:

  • Keep your spectacles in mind while you’re around curious or busy hands. Modern lenses are powerful but not as powerful as a child’s ravenous curiosity.
  • If you’re prone to losing items, try purchasing a gadget that keeps your glasses attached to your neck.
  • If your spectacles fall off your face while surfing in the sea or climbing a mountain, they’re gone. This is also true for roller coasters. Ensure that you are always mindful of the surroundings and know the ways to care for your glasses.
  • Your glasses lenses should be compatible with your way of living. There’s no excuse you can’t discover the optical technology you require to maintain the lifestyle you desire with so many innovative designs and features. It’s better to upgrade your glasses if they’re not suitable for driving, functioning in the dark, or seeing properly.
  • Your lenses contribute to the fact that your glasses are more than just a fashion item. Consult your optometrist a minimum once a year to make sure they’re performing their job properly.


Eyeglasses must be handled with the same care and delicacy as human eyes. You must fully comprehend the ways to care for your glasses to prevent eyeglass mistreatment.

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