5 reasons for a school bag from Step by Step

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If you are looking for a good satchel or a school bag that accompanies your child for a long time, school bags from Step by Step are ideal. They are the perfect companion for every schoolchild of the 1st to 4th grade of primary school. With which points can the four popular models score particularly well?

Which satchels does Step by Step offer?

In the program of Step by Step are four models with different emphases:

SPACE – this is the particularly spacious satchel with several compartments, side pockets and a comfortable padded carrying handle. best rc car transmitter and receiver especially popular is the 5-piece set “Angry Shark”. The girls’ eyes sparkle on the “Schleich Horse Club” set.

CLOUD – it is the lightest satchel in the series and is made of a particularly light and durable material. It is ideal for small and petite children. The bestseller for girls is the 5-piece purple set “Sparkling Pegasus”. The boys are more likely to enjoy the “Soccer Star” model.

2 IN 1 PLUS – the convertible school backpack in a satchel with removable stencils as a coloring page.

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GIANT – this is the largest school backpack in the series and a reinforced drawstring and easy-to-use magnetic clasps.

#1 Step by Step attaches importance to climate-neutral products

An important reason for buying a school bag from Step by Step is the well thought-out sustainability that the company is guided by. The satchels are not only of high quality and durable, but are also produced in such a way that CO2 emissions are avoided and resources are conserved. Social working conditions are also important to the company.

#2 Comfortable thanks to highest wearing comfort due to perfect fit

Your schoolchild has to carry many different books and notebooks to school and home every day. Therefore, for health reasons, it is important that the load is optimally distributed on the back. Step by step, attention is paid to all ergonomic factors that make it comfortable for your schoolchild to shoulder and wear the satchel every day.

#3 A favourite motif for every child – detailed satchel design

Children want not only a comfortable satchel, but also a nice one! And Step by Step offers the right favourite motif for every child. This makes school twice as much fun.

#4 Safety for the way to school thanks to neon pull-over reflector cover

The school bags from Step by Step pay attention to safety even in bad weather and darkness. Various reflective elements are attached to the pockets and straps around the satchels. In addition, there are separate reflector covers and other helpful accessories.

#5 High quality for a long service life

School children are not always gentle with their school bags or satchels, so they have to endure a lot. off road rc cars this is no problem with the schoolbags from Step by Step because they are extremely durable and very high quality. That’s why they accompany your schoolchild reliably through the entire primary school period!

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Are you still looking for a satchel? Then step by step is a good choice!

A school bag from Step by Step is a high-quality and durable companion that will benefit your child throughout primary school. Due to the reflective elements, it is easy for drivers to recognize on the way to school, even in bad weather. In addition to the reduced risk of accidents, it also benefits from the high wearing comfort and the ergonomic fit, which makes the satchel particularly back-friendly. And there is also the matching favorite motif!

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