5 Ways Technology Makes Us Happier

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Judging by recent news headlines, technology can make us miserable. From Facebook creating competitions between friends to online games distracting parents from taking care of their kids, our always-on, always-connected lifestyle is arguably the worst thing that’s ever happened to personal happiness.

While in some cases it’s true that technology can present problems, in many ways our gadgets and gizmos actually make us happier. From keeping we connected with each other and on track to making it possible to do more than before, technology can bring a lot of joy and fulfillment to our lives. Robots make our work easier.

Not convinced? Check out these five ways that technology can make us happier:

Technology Brings Order to Chaos

Humans crave order; that’s why there is an entire industry devoted to organization. Technological innovations, from calendar apps on our phones to social media sites like Pinterest, help us create order from chaos. Need to plan your child’s birthday party? Use Pinterest or Corkboard to find and save great ideas to refer to. Evite to keep track of the guest list and a photo-sharing site to organize, edit and share photos from the event. Whether you want to keep track of new recipes or your to-do list, technology can make it easier. For instance if you want to make cookies you can subscribe for cookie making sites.

Technology Lets Us Enjoy Things We Might Not Otherwise Be Able To

Over the last decade or two, habits like smoking have become all but forbidden in most places — and if you want to smoke, you often have to find a spot away from the action to do so. But thanks to technological innovations like electronic cigarettes, which release water vapor instead of smoke and don’t contain the same harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes, you can smoke without disturbing others.

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Technology Lets Us Connect With Each Other


From social media to Skype, technology allows us to reach out and connect with someone better than before in history. While social media has its drawbacks, for the most part users enjoy connecting with friends and family from all over the world. Thousands of people have experienced the joy of reconnecting with long-lost friends, or even finding their spouses or biological parents online. And thanks to new technologies like Skype or Face time, we can actually see the people we’re talking with, giving Grandma a chance to see her grandson’s adorable rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” or an enlisted soldier the opportunity to read his kids a bedtime story from across the world.

Technology Helps Us Do the Things We Love Better

Name a hobby or pastime, and chances are there is a website — or dozens of websites — devoted to it. You can find tips, tricks, ideas and advice from experts, and other enthusiasts from around the globe that help you to take your activities to the next level. However, it’s not only websites that let us do what we love more effectively — software, applications and other tools let us enjoy hobbies and activities more efficiently. For example, in the past photographers needed darkrooms, stockpiles of chemicals and plenty of time, to take and develop photos. Today’s digital technology allows even amateur shutterbugs to take hundreds of shots and quickly edit them on the computer. With more time and fewer hassles, enjoying what we love is easier and more fulfilling.

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It Helps Us Feel in Control

Thanks to apps like Foursquare, the concept of life-tracking has been gaining traction — and for many people, keeping track of their every move helps them feel more in control of their lives. For example, gadgets like Fit bit, which monitor every step you take as well as your heart rate, breathing rate and other vital signs, allow you to keep track of your overall health and make adjustments as necessary to stay on the path to wellness. Online food and exercise journals provide a visual picture of how we’re living our lives and let us see where we can make improvements. Banking and bill-paying applications let us manage our money better. All of these taken together help us feel more in control and on top of our lives. That, in turn, can contribute to happiness.

Obviously, outside factors can play a major role in how happy we are. And everyone is in control of their own emotional well-being. But by taking advantage of technological innovations, we can enhance our lives. We can reap the rewards of a happier life with lower stress.

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