5 Ways to Make Your Room Coolest

It’s become hard to make your living place the coolest place to relax, especially in the summer, when you sometimes suffer through more than 42 degrees – a drastic situation. It is the hardest thing to cool down your room in the season of striking heat waves. 

And the high temperature during the summer cannot take so long to fill your residential place filled with suffocating heat. Hot air, due to the high temperature outside, can ultimately cause difficulty in breathing. Would you take a good sleep on a hotbed? Of course, you will not. 

Here are a few practical approaches that you should opt for to prevent the heat and make your room relaxing. Keep reading!

1. Open Windows at Night

Closed windows in your room increase the chances of accumulating a lot of heat. Hot air in the room can make it hard to survive, and that suffocates you. You can simply open the windows of your room at night to escape from the hot air gathered from the whole day. 

In addition, to open the windows, it is better to install the ductless mini split system to add a cooling source in the room. Night can be calm due to the open windows, but what about the whole day? During the day, you must do household chores and sweat a lot. Hence, this system is necessary to make you feel relaxed.

2. Keep Limit to Hot Meal

Cooking is the process that is necessary to happen, as it is a basic need without which you cannot survive. If the atmosphere is too hot at night, it may lead to sleep deprivation. A hot meal can increase the chance of a lot of heat spreading in your room, and over-the-range temperatures make survival hard in your own residential place. 

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First, you need to make sure that you have conducted air conditioning repair so that it works at its best from day to night, no matter if you cook too much. Another factor you should consider is avoiding preparing meals at night so that you sleep well. 

3. Use Exhausts

Exhaust fans are significant and help you remove the hot air and dirt particles from your living place. If you are updating or renovating your home, you are investing in turning fans into exhaust fans so that you can increase the cool air ventilation from your home. If you have large fans in your home, especially in the bedroom, instead of them, you can install big little exhaust fans to keep all windows and doors open.

4. Shut Screens of Electronics

Electronics such as computers, TV, LED, tablet, and phone screens should be shut down, especially at night, so that you can prevent heat from your surroundings. Screens are the source of producing unnecessary heat.

5. Install Insulated Curtains

When the sun shines, the rays directly come in contact with you, which can heat things the entire day. Thanks to the modern approach of covering the room with insulated curtains that protect you from becoming your room a heater.

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