A Psychic Enhancement Ritual

By Arslan Shah 6 Min Read

Power to See! Power to Be!

Everything has a time and a season. As you grow older, keep in mind that just because someone has a smile on your face does not mean that they want the best for you. Jealousy can trigger the flow of negativity by bringing unnecessary hiccups, pitfalls, and obstacles in your journey. Life has its ups and downs without the help of jealous people. Therefore, it is up to you to be prepared to knock the ball out of the park at a moment’s notice. Strength in both hands is essential for survival in the dog-eating dog world. In other words, make sure you are an equal-handed rootworker.

A Psychic Enhancement Ritual

Learn how to show blessings and behead without mercy when needed. Balance is one of the main goals that your enemies will try to disrupt in any way, shape, form, or fashion. If they can foolishly take over your life, you will be distracted from work. But If you can’t see, you can’t work. If you do not work, you lose. This is an old-school trick designed to hide you and move your environment. However, if you are paying attention, you can counteract this negative energy, use it, and throw it back to the sender, it will have such a powerful force that it will return to them. It will be impossible to come.

I want to share with you a ritual designed to help you increase your gift of understanding and vision so that you can watch the waves of the opponent’s moves and counteract their agenda.

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This ritual is best performed during the full moon in the hour of Mars. You will need the following to make an empowerment bath, incense, and tea. Be sure to research all herbs before use. Safety first!


  • Peach leaf tea for wisdom
  • Eyebright for clarity and attention
  • Borage to increase courage and psychological strength


  • Buddhism for Wisdom and Meditation
  • Acacia to stimulate the brain and gain vision
  • White sandalwood to enhance the spirit
  • Althia to create psychological forces
  • Baba for wisdom and protection


  • Peppermint for mental stimulation and psychic powers
  • Iris for faith and wisdom
  • Sunflower to find out the truth


You will also need:

  • 2T lights
  • Inferno Protection Oil
  • Isaiah 54:17: No weapon against me will succeed.


The night before the full moon, collect the following herbs and sort them according to what they will be used for (incense, bath, or tea). Once separated in your labeled mason jar, place them on the window to charge under the moonlight as you recite the following prayer:

Prayer to recite

I speak to the spirit of the herbs and command them to awaken and absorb the energy of the moon. As the moon grows to its fullest potential so shall the ashes of these herbs be infused together and be endowed with the power to anoint me. Lord, I thank you.

Prepare your bath by boiling the full moon bath herbs on the stove. Once you have sifted the herbs, add mixed water to your bathwater. As the water mixes, prepare your tea for bathing. Before entering the bath, burn your incense mixture on a charcoal disc in your incense bra. Be sure to place 2 T-lights on the edge of the bathtub with a pinch of the bath mix. You want to use the tee lights as a door inside and outside the bathroom. During the Mars Hour, turn on your tealights and incense. Take a bath in the tea light and take a sip of your tea while soaking and recite the following prayer:

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Lord, I ask that you endow my inner man with strength courage, and wisdom. Keep my mind free of clutter and my Third Eye opens with a keen gift of sight and discernment.  Lead and guide me. Order my steps. Keep me safe and out of the reach of my enemies. No weapon formed against me shall prosper and any tongue that rises against me will be condemned and sent to remain in their own hell for eternity. Lord, I thank you for the Victory! By the Powers that Be! So mote it be!

After your bath, get out of the water by the door of the tea light, get dressed, and throw some water towards the rising sun (east). Wipe yourself with Inferno Protection Oil and be prepared to see, hear or feel your spiritual leaders lead you to victory!


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