Advantages Of Alkaline Batteries

We are surrounded by technology- from surveillance cameras to microwaves. Our homes, offices, and other commercial places are filled with several devices and appliances that need the energy to work. While many of these devices need electricity to operate, others are hand-held devices that can work on batteries. We all use many handheld devices that need a battery to operate such as a TV remote, game controller, electric toothbrush, wall clock, radio, string lights, and so on. Most of these devices are powered by alkaline batteries.

What is Alkaline Battery?

The alkaline battery was invented in 1957 by Lewis Urry. These are primary batteries that derive energy from the reaction between zinc metal and manganese dioxide. The zinc end is marked as the positive anode while the manganese end is the negative cathode. These ends, known as electrodes are the site of chemical reactions.

Benefits of Alkaline Battery

Alkaline batteries are the most widely used and in fact, account for 80% of all the batteries manufactured worldwide. As more and more gadgets and devices are designed to work on this type of battery, alkaline cells or batteries have become a key component of most electronics. Alkaline batteries and lead-acid batteries are commonly found in the market. But alkaline batteries provide several benefits over lead-acid batteries. From high-temperature resistance to low cost, alkaline batteries are most useable.

There are also lithium batteries that can be charged and reused. Unlike alkaline batteries, these have a shelf life of two to three years. Lithium batteries are also customizable and work best for applications that need consistent output without power loss. Both lithium and alkaline batteries provide a range of benefits and are used for different applications. However, dry cell primary alkaline battery has become the most popular type of disposable battery in the market because of the following benefits:

  1. Long Lasting
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They have superior longevity and a much longer shelf life than other types of batteries. When not used, alkaline batteries can be stored for up to seven years. The long shelf life of the alkaline cells compared to other types of batteries makes them easily available for your convenience. Other batteries must be opened and used or charged at least once in the first year. However, an alkaline battery will retain its charge even if it is not used for years after it is manufactured. Furthermore, even with regular use, the alkaline battery will power your devices for months.

  1. Safe to Use

Some batteries like lead and acid-based batteries have highly toxic components that are dangerous. These batteries should be handled with extreme care to avoid injuries and other issues. As compared to these batteries, alkaline cells have less toxic materials that don’t have special disposal requirements. These aren’t vulnerable to leaks and pose less risk to the environment compared to lead-based or acid-based options.

  1. Affordable

Alkaline batteries not only have high energy density but also reasonable prices. It provides a cost-effective solution to operate devices. Moreover, these are suited to work both in hot and cold temperatures.

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