All You Need To Know About Metarun – The Number 1 P2E Running Game in 2022

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Crypto gaming, also known as GameFi, is growing rapidly in terms of influence and popularity. According to Massoit, in 2021, the number of daily unique wallets interacting with game-related smart contracts grew up to 1.3 million; which is a whooping 46-fold increase over the 28,000 towards the end of 2020.

Now, what’s Metarun? Metarun (previously GoFungibles) is the first blockchain-based P2W (play-to win) and P2E (play-to earn) endless mobile runner game with NFT (Non-Fungible Token) assets. And in this guide, you’ll find all the information you need to know about Metarun. Continue reading to find out more about Metarun

About Metarun

Metarun is a platform that was built by a talented yet proficient in-house team led by Matija Rosovic (CEO), Martina Andjelkovic (CMO), and Noman Rasheed (COO, Co-founder). It is a mobile running game that combines traditional elements such as gameplay mechanics and aesthetics with non-custodial, smart contracts powered technologies such as Blockchain, NFT, and DeFi. 

Metarun covers a large spectrum of crypto-features enabling P2E mechanics, including token staking and NFT leasing as well as farming. By combining Blockchain and NFTs in its native mobile game anchored by an assets-powered economy, Metarun has been able to amplify the player’s gaming experience by allowing players to gain control over the in-game assets, such as character skins and the financial economy. The in-game assets are one-of-a-kind and tamper-proof items that gamers can acquire or buy, use in the game, or even sell in various rarities on the GoFungibles marketplace in order to generate passive income.

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Metarun has a stunning list of collaborations and business partners, some of which include Genblock Capital, Icetea, GameFi, Polygon, Moonrock Capital, Metrix Capital, and lots more. 

Metarun Features

P2E Mechanics

Players can start an endless journey in the PVP or PvE game modes. In the game, they can race, get rewards, complete levels, and earn $MRUN tokens while playing the game.

Turbo NFT Leasing 

In the game, players can lend or give out their NFT characters to other players when not in use and share in the reward gotten.

Traditional Gameplay

Unlike some crypto games that come with auto-battle systems, Metarun offers the best of conventional gaming in the crypto gaming world by eliminating the auto-battle system in crypto gaming.

Token Staking and Farming

It has a cross-chained marketplace built into its Polygon blockchain that can be used to trade Metarun NFTs.

How does the runner-game concept work?

Metarun is a feature-rich endless runner game with both multilayer and solo modes. 

The game’s setting is rich in interactive elements and detail. 

The fun part—gamers can gather a variety of artefacts throughout the various stages of the game. The artefacts gathered can be together in order to create a one-of-a-kind NFT. What’s more? 

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