An Overview Of The Market For Diesel Generators In UAE

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UAE has been focusing a lot more in non-oil sectors in the recent years. These primarily include construction industry, artificial intelligence, IT and more. Many multinational companies have invested in the construction industry and set up data centres in UAE.

This has directly led to surge electricity consumption leading to increasing demand for diesel generators in UAE to provide power backup. Moreover, high footfalls by foreign travellers has led to proliferation of hotels, restaurants and commercial complexes requiring 24/7 power, thereby fuelling the demand for diesel generators.

Some major aspects of the market for Diesel generators in UAE

  1. Power rating

On the basis of power rating, the Diesel generators in UAE fall into 5 KVA – 75 KVA, 75 KVA –375 KVA, 375 KVA – 750 KVA, 750 KVA and above.

The highest demand is for diesel generators having power ratings in the 5 KVA – 75 KVA category. This is because these kinds of diesel generators are widely deploy in commercial establishments such as data centres, malls, retail shops, hotels, malls and more. The 5 KVA – 75 KVA diesel generators account for maximum revenue share for manufacturers and sellers of diesel generators in UAE.

  1. Application

On the basis of application, the diesel generators in UAE are categorize into commercial, residential and industrial.

The diesel generators for the commercial sector account for the largest share in in the market. This is because diesel generator sets are widely utilize in malls, shopping complexes, hotels, restaurants and other commercial establishments for continuous power supply.

  1. Major suppliers

There are multiple suppliers of diesel generators in UAE. The principal companies have been mentioned here.

  • Caterpillar:

Caterpillar sells diesel generators with power ratings ranging between 7 – 16,200 kilowatts in UAE. A plethora of models of diesel generators are propose by Caterpillar. The most popular model is named Cat Clean.

  • Cat Clean:

Cat Clean diesel generators have a host of superior features such as steel-reinforced aluminium alloy bearings, high-strength blocks, large bearing surface and reinforced crankshafts.

  • Atlas Copco:

Atlas Copco is a prominent supplier of both permanent and portable Diesel generators in UAE. It mainly supplies diesel generators in the range of 20 KVA –275 KVA. Atlas Copco works with multiple contractors in UAE to supply diesel generators.

  • Cummins:

Cummins is a major supplier of diesel generators in UAE with most clients and largest revenue share coming from Dubai. This is a multinational company engage in the design and manufacture of power generating equipment. In UAE, this company providers diesel generators in the range of 15 – 500 KVA with respect to power rating.

  • Kirloskar:

Kirloskar has a significant presence in the diesel generator market in UAE. The company’s free zone establishment is based in Ajman. The 250 KVA diesel generators manufactured by Kirloskar are widely uti to provide power to portacabins, labour camps and a host of equipment in UAE.

  • Wilson:

Wilson FG is a designer and manufacturer of diesel generators. It is a major supplier of Diesel generators in UAE and most of its revenues come from the Middle East. The company offers diesel generators with power ratings ranging between 10 KVA and 2200 KVA. Construction industry is a major client of this company with construction projects largely purchasing 60 – 500 KVA gensets from it. The diesel generators manufactured by Wilson are weather resistant and produce minimum sound.

  • Himoinsa:

Himoinsa is a Spanish global manufacturer of power generators. It provides Diesel generators in UAE through its multiple suppliers in UAE. This company mainly provides 100 – 500 KVA diesel generators in UAE which are deploy mostly in building sites.

  • Manlift Group:

Manlift Group supplies diesel generators having power ratings ranging between 30 KVA – 1250 KVA. This company has supplied diesel generators to Dubai Metro, Dubai Festival City, Motor City, Palm Jumeirah, Al Raha beach and more. The diesel generators manufactured by Manlift are known for high resistance to extreme temperatures and harsh environments and gigantic internal fuel tanks for long hours of operation.

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Action supplies diesel generators in UAE ranging between 500 KVA –1250 KVA. The company mainly supplies diesel generators in Dubai but has presence in Abu Dhabi as well.


The diesel generators market in UAE is estimated to grow at the rate of 3.3% in the 2021-2027 period. Developmental plans such Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, Dubai’s Industrial Strategy 2030 and Fujairah Plan 2040 are likely to boost the growth of this market.

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