Analyzing The Significance of IPC-a 610 standard revision In the PCB Manufacturing Industry

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Maximum electronic device manufacturers know the significance of PCB in the manufacturing process of any electronic device. As common with any industry, here also, you need to learn the right standards for developing printed circuit boards. If you are an aspiring professional, its almost mandatory to learn about the IPC-a 610 standard revision from authentic sources to ensure that you know each and every regulation thoroughly.

More about the IPC standards

As you start delving deeper, you must be wondering, in the first place, what are these IPC standards? Let’s have the explanation in detail.

IPC is the official name of the organization that develops the standards related to PCB designing and manufacturing. The association was initially called the Institute for Printed Circuits, which is the reason for the “IPC” acronym. But nowadays, it’s popular as Association Connecting Electronics Industries.

The organization itself is a global industry that comprises of more than 4,000 companies. These member companies are making, using, specifying, and designing the assemblies and PCBs, including

  • Aerospace and military
  • Computer
  • Telecommunication industry
  • Advanced microelectronics
  • Automotives
  • Medical devices and equipment

Thus, the standards are crucial to implementing quality control at the mass level. As the use of PCBs is now proliferating in almost every industry on the globe, it is essential to maintain the standards for apt performance of the devices.

An important aspect

IPC-A- 610H is undoubtedly the most widely used acceptance standard for electronics assembly in the electronic industry. That is why the reasonable decision is to learn the standards and procure the certification to prove your worth as a professional.

  • The document states every critical point that defines the standards of the design and execution of the PCB manufacturing process.
  • Participants from 29 countries have contributed their insights to create this one piece of document. Naturally, it stands for the optimum and most feasible regulatory standards that deserve global recognition.
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Thus, the certification is a must-have if you want to become an inspector or an operator in the industry. Without the knowledge of the acceptance criteria, you don’t stand a chance of entering the professional world successfully.

Monitor the revisions

One of the most interesting things that you must keep in mind if you are in the technological industry is that it’s highly dynamic. Technology is progressing continuously. If you cannot match with the pace of the industry, then you will suffer invariably.

  • The recent IPC-a 610 standard revision shows how things are changing fast and how the professionals have to change or upgrade the regulations to ensure making the most advanced level of PCBs.
  • The quality of any modern electronic gadget depends largely on the quality and performance of the printed circuit board. If you don’t monitor the updates in the standards of IPC, you will miss out on some small but significant changes that will affect the entire effectiveness of the PCB.

That is why the veterans in the industry always suggest keeping up with the changing factors in the regulations to know how the industry is demanding progress and what are the new acceptance criteria for the PCBs.

Choosing the appropriate course design

Many centers are offering certification courses. But you have to decide which one will be appropriate for your purpose. Remember that this is a completely technical course naturally. The first thing you must consider is invariably, the quality of educators who will impart the knowledge.

  • When you do the certification course, you have to understand and perceive the concepts of PCB assembly acceptance criteria. Unless you can absorb the ideas, it won’t be fruitful as you won’t be able to apply the knowledge in the practical field.
  • Also, it’s not necessary to be a PCB designer or developer to join this course. Even if you are in PCB related sales and marketing team, you can enroll in the course. How will you pitch the clients unless you can professionally prove that the PCB pertains to the regulatory standards of IPC?
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Therefore, the demand for certification courses is increasing day by day.

An example

Suppose you have to consider solder splices, then according to the IPC-A-620 standard. In that case, you don’t have the permission to use the splices to repair some damaged or broken conductors for Classes 2and 3 unless you have the concurrence of the end-user prior to your repair process.

As per IPC_A-620 standards, the acceptable methods for splicing conductors include

  • Warp
  • Mesh
  • Hook
  • Lap

There are figures in the explanation too, which will help you to practically understand the scenario in the best way possible. Thus, you now know the compliance factor.

Check the online stores

You can now access the IPC standards on many online portals. But you have to be very careful about choosing only the authentic portals to ensure that you have the correct information.


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