Basic differences Between e-cigarettes and Vaping kits

By Zain Liaquat 2 Min Read
e-cigarettes and Vaping kits

If you are planning to enter the world of vaping, you are about to make an incredible choice. You are going to look back and thank yourself for taking this decision one day. As a beginner, vapers generally buy their first vaping devices from stores or supermarkets around them because they are easily available around them.

Vape kits are just the advanced version of e-cigarettes. This article by Vape wholesale Europe will be presenting a detailed differentiation between e-cigarettes and vape kits. If you are an e-liquid supplier looking for a wholesale vape store in Europe or a vapeurs disposable vape pen wholesale supplier, then Vapeblue wholesale Europe is the place for you.

What are e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are vaping devices that come pre-filled with e-liquid. They are of two kinds – disposable vapes and pre-filled pod based. In the case of disposable vapes, a whole batch of liquid is filled at once and when the liquid is consumed you have to dispose of it off.

While pre-filled pod-based vapes require you to refill the vape with regular batches of e-liquid. Vaping enthusiasts these days prefer to use disposable vapes instead of pod-based vapes, as they are hassle-free.

What are vape kits?

Vape kits are a combination of disposable vapes and pre-filled pod-based vapes. They can be rechargeable as well as disposable depending on the category you choose. They do provide a lot of flavours yet they have not been able to overpower traditional e-cigarettes, the reasons being:

  • Disposable vapes are hassle-free and cost-efficient.
  • They are available in stores and supermarkets nearby.
  • Vaping kits require pre-booking and placing orders which can be hectic.
  • Vape kits are only available on online vape stores.
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We are in a technical world, but certain traditions can never be overpowered – e-cigarettes being one. As a beginner, you can easily trust e-cigarettes, also try our exclusive range of vapeurs disposable vape pens, elf bar disposable vape pens, elux bar disposable vape pens, vaperurs disposable pods and much more.

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