Best Business Ideas for Muslims in 2022

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Best Business Ideas For Muslims In 2022

Best Business Ideas for Muslims in 2022

Islam has some rules and principles that every Muslim must follow. These elementary guiding principles cover every aspect of business and help Muslims to achieve profit through lawful means.

These guiding principles will not only help you to choose a lawful business but also assist you in doing business honestly and fairly.

Unlawful Business in Islam

Islam has made a clear distinction between halal and haram. Profit attained by selling unlawful goods such as cigarettes, marijuana,  pork shops, stripper clubs, alcohol, etc. is considered haram or forbidden in our religion.

Similarly, any business that entails adulteration, gambling, fake lotteries, and any other sinful act is prohibited in Islam. Knowing about the prohibited business, you can better focus on the business that is encouraged in Islam.

This does not mean that Muslims have fewer business options. In fact, if you follow the doctrine of Islam, your chances of success and growth will become tenfold.

However, choosing a 100% halal business is still a matter of concern. Muslims encounter overwhelming options when they search for a suitable business.

Lawful Business Ideas in 2022

We have made a list of business ideas that are undoubtedly halal and do not demand much capital or technical know-how. Any Muslim who wants to become a successful entrepreneur within the limits of Islam must read the guide below;

1.      Digital Marketing

Marketing and especially, social media marketing is taking a toll in the last few years. Businesses throughout the world are shifting online due to the digital revolution.

That’s why companies have turned to online advertisements instead of newspapers and television. The recent pandemic has also made people think about the wonders of technology.

The global digital marketing business was worth $48.4 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow more in the coming years. Although there is a lot of competition, demand is quite high and increasing at a rapid pace. In the marketing arena, you can offer many services such as

  • Social Media Management
  • Web/Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO consultant
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Choose any service or multiple services and start learning them through courses, books, and tutorials. Make sure to provide high-quality services to your clients because Islam encourages loyalty and dedication.

2.      An Islamic App

In such a bustling world, it is difficult to balance your work and religion. An app that helps you to balance your religion with your work will be a great start to help the Muslims of this century.

Another idea for doing business under the principles of Islam is to develop an App for Muslims. This business idea will not only make you earn money but also provide information and knowledge to the Muslim community. For example, the Muslim Pro app is the most successful and well-known app among Muslims around the world. It contains accurate prayer timings, azan clock, audio of the full Quran, and guides to the direction of mosques and halal restaurants.

Although there are many Muslim Apps for Android and iOS, you can make an app by yourself with the use of creativity and advancement.

Research beforehand and add those features in your app that are in huge demand. Some must-have features are qibla direction detection, accurate prayer timings, dua’a collection, and multiple languages.

3.      Online Tutoring

If you have any sort of degree in hand, you are eligible for this trendy business idea. Teachers are worthy of respect and honor in the eyes of Islam. This is also a completely halal business.

The worldwide online tutoring market was worth USD 6.57 in 2021 with a 14.7% expected growth rate from 2022 to 2030. These astonishing statistics are the result of recent two-year confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic when all learnings were shifted to online mode.

4.      Electronic Commerce

Electronic commerce, commonly known as E-commerce is another worth considering business model. The global e-commerce market has reached worth USD 13 Trillion in 2021.

This online buying and selling platform has grabbed the attention of the whole world. Although this idea demands significant capital for development, shipping, and advertising purposes, but it is worth your investment.

The key to success in this field is your specified target market. Analyze the market, identify the problem, and develop high quality products to solve the problem

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This systematic process of e-commerce will boost the chances of your success and you will be on top of the list of competitors.

5.      In-Home Take-Out

Food is one of the essentials of life. The halal food market is making trillions of dollars in profit in recent years. This market reached a worth of USD 1.2 trillion in 2020 on a global scale.

Halal food delivery service, halal recipe blogging, and halal catering services are commonly the most in-demand options that do not require much capital to start.

Muslims in non-Muslim countries often face difficulty in finding halal food. So starting food-related services in such areas is worth considering the option.

The halal food truck is another noteworthy retail business idea in metro cities. This smart on-wheel restaurant idea has been tried and tested as an effective business model.

With the technology tool, you can develop apps, websites, blogs, and other means of marketing to draw customer traffic.

6.      Muslim Fashion Designing

The Muslim apparel market had a value of around $253 billion in 2015. It is a lucrative and attractive business option.

Many Muslim designers are showing their skills in the glittering world of fashion. Sophisticated Muslim fashion is not limited to the Muslims, as the western world is also getting attracted to this elegant clothing.

 Conclusion – Best Business Ideas for Muslims in 2022

Lawful earning is a duty of every Muslim and is a means of worship and monetary benefit. Starting a new business is an uphill battle. There are many things to consider before any start-up, such as capital, market size, technical skills, and many more.

For a Muslim however, the business should be lawful in the first place. All the business ideas we mentioned are undoubtedly Halal.

Some noteworthy business options are Marketing, online tutoring, Halal food services, and E-commerce. Choosing a lawful business is not enough, you must do your business as per the doctrine of Islam.

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