Best Ways to Convert Cassette Tapes to Digital

So, you might be nostalgic about using old cassette tapes. Thanks to the new generation digitization technologies, now you can keep old mixtapes and home recordings intact.

The procedure is overtly simple. No one needs to become an expert in computer or audio technologies to follow this straightforward guide. Read the guide carefully to know the tips to convert a cassette tape to digital.


Convert tape to digital: The two best alternatives

To convert tape to digital by using these two novel alternatives has been easier than ever. The procedure involved for these cassette tapes is much more straightforward than that of VHS tapes. No technical expertise is required to complete the task; just adhere to a few straightforward guidelines and everything will be done well.


Among the two routes you can avail, one is comparatively simpler while the other alternative can be a bit time-consuming but is not technically difficult to accomplish, thus it produces results of even higher quality than the former. So, let’s begin:


Using a USB cassette converter:

The cost-effective and simple method to convert a cassette tape to digital is by using a USB cassette converter. Tap into its plug-and-play mode, and the inbuilt software will do the rest. Just a reminder, the quality of the audio will not be that good.




Using an old tape deck:


Another alternative is by using the old tape deck. Assuming that your computer has a microphone port or a capture card and a tape deck, this alternative can be the best one. Additionally, you may get good-quality audio from a USB cassette converter, especially if you have the option to set the bias for chrome, or metal tapes.

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Method 1: USB Cassette Converter


  • Buy a cassette converter such as Reshow to change recordings into unprocessed mp3 files.


  • Install the driver software from the official website.


  • Read the instructions and adhere to them to digitize the tracks


  • Add an album artwork by using music software such as iTunes or Foobar2000.


Method 2: Digitization by a tape deck


  • Get a new tape deck and check if it works well.


  • Install Audacity


  • Adjust the high bias or normal bias by using a bias knob or button.


  • Your computer will record and digitize the audio once connected to the tape deck.


Setting up Audacity


  • Open Audacity. Find the microphone icon.


  • Select the preferred audio input by tapping on the dropdown menu.


  • It is listed as a “Line In” device.


  • Use the equalizer in Audacity to gauge the volume of the recording.


  • Adjust the input volume slider until the visualizer is green. Green is ideal but a little yellow is also acceptable.


  • Edit the files accordingly to digitize them.



By using this comprehensive guide, converting tapes to digital will be easier than ever. So, the next time you are about to throw your old cassettes, think back because you can now digitize them to restore your nostalgic songs.

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