Business Broadband UK – What You Need to Know

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Getting broadband for your business in the UK is a big step. Getting a service that is faster, more reliable, and offers better customer support are a few things you need to look for. The next thing to consider is how long you want to sign up for.

Faster than home broadband

Whether you need business broadband or home broadband, you need to find a reliable connection that provides good quality and service. This is essential to running your business. It can help you to run your business more efficiently and to limit slowdowns. You also need to find a provider that offers good support.

Business broadband packages usually include more specialised features and customer support. They can include a static IP address, which allows your business to run its own servers and host its own websites. A business can also benefit from VoIP services like Skype.

Business broadband packages can be much more expensive than home broadband. However, they come with additional benefits, like a dedicated phone number, so that your staff can access your business applications remotely. In addition, business broadband is more reliable. The business broadband connection is typically faster than residential packages, giving you and your staff the chance to work at the same time.

More reliable than home broadband

Compared to residential broadband, business broadband has a higher level of customer support, better speeds and stronger security. However, it also tends to cost more. To determine whether you need business broadband, you must first identify your business’s online needs.

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A business needs broadband that is fast enough for the employees and can cope with downtime. Depending on your business’s needs, you may need a service guarantee or limited downtime periods. You should review the SLA carefully to determine whether your business needs are met.

Some business broadband packages include business VoIP, which enables you to make business phone calls over the Internet. Some also offer cloud storage. You should also consider how much upload and download speeds are needed. For instance, if you are planning to upload large files, you will need a faster upload speed.

Business broadband services are usually delivered over fibre optic connections. Depending on the provider, you may have access to speeds up to 1Gbps. This is important if you need to make video calls or upload files.

Better customer support

BT, the largest telecoms brand in the UK, is the leader in business broadband. However, the customer service offered by BT isn’t as good as the other broadband providers. It also costs more, and has a higher line rental cost. It is also less likely to be recommended by other businesses.

Unlike leased lines, business broadband services don’t have guaranteed speeds. In addition, copper wire broadband isn’t the fastest, and can drop during peak times. This can make it frustrating for users. Plusnet, the other major UK broadband provider, has more satisfied customers than average. However, customers report longer call wait times than the average.

Complaints have fallen two percentage points in the last two years. In fact, fewer than one in ten broadband customers had a reason to complain about their provider in 2019. But complaints are still a big problem, and some providers are more likely to suffer than others. Generally, broadband mis-selling is more likely to result in a complaint. It’s also important to note that smaller providers are more likely to go under than larger ones, so it’s important to watch out for this.

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